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1. Examination for thesis submission qualification

(1) a major subject
  • A. Master's degree program
    • Mandatory: Select one of the core competency subjects
    • Selection: Select one of the advanced courses
  • B. Doctor/M.D. program
    • Mandatory: Select one of the basic learning reinforcement courses
    • Selection: Select a total of 3 subjects, one for each area (MI, MC, SI)
(2) Passage Criteria
  • Pass the written (or verbal) exam for the exam subject
  • Alternatively, if you have B+ or higher credits, you are exempted from the qualification exam for the subject
  • However, if you meet the following requirements *additionally, you will be exempted from the advanced high school major exam
    • Master's program: International Conference Papers or one SCI(E) Papers Submitted
    • Ph.D. and Seokbak Integration Course: Submission of one SCI(E) paper
      (*Additional papers to be submitted are excluded from the qualification to submit thesis requesting a degree.)



2. Test for thesis submission qualification - Foreign language course

(1) Proof of English proficiency (submit below, 1 of B)
  • A. Authorized English test
Type of test a reference score
TOEIC 700 points or more
TOFEL CBT 213 points or higher
PBT score of 550 or higher
IBT score of 80 or higher
NEW TEPS 265 points or higher
G-TELP Grade 2 63 or higher
Grade 3 83 or higher
TOEIC speaking IM3(13) or later
IELTS 6 or more
  • Valid report card within 2 years as of the date of receipt
  • Do not conduct a separate exam for foreign language subjects


  • B. Proof of completion of English in the higher education course
    • Bachelor's degree or master's degree or transcript from English-speaking countries
    • Consular certification or apostille for proof documents is required


(2) Precautions
  • Proof of foreign language subjects must be submitted within the application period for thesis qualification examination



3. Requirements for submission of thesis

(1) passing the preliminary examination
  • Master's degree: Exemptions
  • Doctor: Conduct at least one semester before graduation


(2) Performance Requirements: As Principal Author
  • Master's degree: Submission of international academic journals (SCIE level), registration of research foundation (candidate), or presentation of domestic and international academic conferences (verbal or poster) is mandatory (recommended for presentation of international academic conferences)
  • Doctor: The obligation to present an international academic conference (verbal or poster) and publish at least two international academic journals (SCIE level) are confirmed, and one of them may include BK21 Plus project CS excellent international academic conference papers*.

※ Papers required for qualification requirements are recognized only when they include affiliation with the Department of Intelligent Robotics.

※ Main review: In the case of master's degree, a written review of degree review is possible when the main author SCIE is published (confirmed).



4. Degree thesis writing language: in principle written in English

  • Master's degree: English writing obligation
  • Doctor: Duty to write English