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About Us

Goal and Vision


The Department of Intelligent Robotics was established to nurture master's and doctorate-level future talents in the field of intelligent robotics, which many global companies point to as the next-generation growth engine in the era of hyper-connectivity and super-intelligence. In order to preemptively respond to future social problems such as hyper-connectivity, super-aging, urbanization, and manpower shortages, we establish the following vision and ideal of talent, and seek to realize a new paradigm of education and research on artificial intelligence and robotics, and industry-university collaboration




“Nurturing visionary leaders and engineers who can catalyze a new industry and ecosystem in the realm of intelligent robotics through the establishment of a world-class education and research hub for intelligent robots”



Concept of Talent

“Talented individuals with self-directed technology innovation skills, who can contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of original technology in the field of intelligent robotics, and who can present and lead a new paradigm in the future of the intelligent robot industry. Additionally, we aim to cultivate creative and entrepreneurial individuals with a spirit of universal human values, who will lead the future intelligent robotic ecosystem.”


Our department focuses on advanced manufacturing centered on intelligent robotics, smart logistics and smart factories using intelligent robots, future mobility integrating recognition-reasoning- intelligence, and medical rehabilitation using artificial intelligence robot technology. In order to carry out such innovative research and development, specialized major education is provided in three core fields: machine intelligence (MI), robot motion and control (MC), and system integration (SI). Furthermore, by focusing on research and development through collaboration with related research institutes and industries, we aim to develop and leap forward as a global top 50 level education and research integration specialist.