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Message from the Head of SAINT

" Welcome to SKKU Advanced Institute of Nanotechnology. " 

Dear Prospective Students and Researchers,

SAINT was founded in 2005 as one of the four core programs of Sungkyunkwan University's VISION plan under the objective for it to be ranked in the world top universities. Considering potential impact on future economic growth involving 4th Industrial Revolution, nanotechnology has become one of the top research priorities in the advanced countries over the world. I believe SAINT will play a crucial role in this field by developing cutting edge technologies.

As main activities of SAINT to accomplish its mission under this circumstance, we have established an infrastructure, recruited the best researchers, initiated networking with worldwide leading institutions, published a SCIE journal NANO, and established a graduate program dedicated to nanotechnology research and education.

Here I would like to mention proudly that SAINT has made remarkable achievements in the past years: publication of highly recognized research papers to world class high impact journals, running large scale research program such as BK21+ for Human Resource Development on Nanotechnology, National Core Research Center, Samsung-SKKU Graphene/2D Center, Global Research Laboratory, Basic Research Laboratory, etc, and building up leadership in fields of graphene and 2 dimensional materials.

Particularly, I am also proud of that SAINT has had world leading scientists as honorary directors until now: Professor Sumio Iijima of carbon nano tubes, Professor Michael Graetzel of dye sensitized solar cells, and Professor Tsuneya Ando of low dimensional materials theory. There is no need to emphasize that they had greatly contributed to the rapid development of SAINT as well as their own research fields, and we are very grateful for their contribution.

Lastly, I would like to share the goals of SAINT this year for which we will make much greater efforts to achieve than before: establishing world class nano-based convergence R&D hub and strengthening global open innovation networks. To achieve these, all of the SAINT staffs and students will strive very hard and therefore invite you to support us.













Sungjoo Lee       



SKKU Advanced Institute of Nanotechnology