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Mixed-signal circuit design Acoustic beamforming (ADC and DSP) Speech recognition system (DNN)

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  • 부교수 반도체 패키징, 지능형 유연소자
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    Lab 유연소자 및 패키징 연구실


Advanced semiconductor packaging materials & processes. Materials and process technology for AI-based intelligent electronic devices. Core materials for stretchable multi-functional displays and sensors. Two-dimensional materials and functional composite materials.

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  • 부교수 광학 및 초음파 시스템
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Photonic systems and instrumentations for biomedical applications Optical ultrasound sensors and transmitters, Nanophotonic energy conversion structures, High-energy fiber laser Focused ultrasound therapy, Micro-ultrasonic treatment of tissue and cells, Miniaturized optical/ultrasonic systems for biomedical diagnosis and therapy

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  • 부교수 반도체 소자 및 회로
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    Lab 미래반도체소자연구실
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    Lab 바이오전자시스템 연구실
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    Lab 지능형 반도체 전자 및 시스템 연구실


반도체 공정, 반도체 전자 소자, 지능형 무선 전자 시스템

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  • 조교수 컴퓨터 구조, 메모리 시스템
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︎Processor Architectures (CPU, GPU, NPU) ︎Heterogeneous Memory Systems ︎Near-Data Processing ︎Hardware/Software Co-design for Deep Learning ︎Domain-specific Accelerators