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지도교수 / 실장 강현식 교수님 / 이인환
전화번호 031)-299-6923


연구실 소개

연구실 소개사진

The research goals of the Exercise Physiology and Biochemistry Laboratory are to determine:

  • 1) important changes in physiological function with aging;
  • 2) modulation of those changes by biological factors (e.g., adiposity, vitamin D) and lifestyle behaviors (e.g., physical activity and fitness);
  • 3) the efficacy of exercise interventions for reversing adverse changes in physiological function and cognitive declines with aging; and
  • 4) the integrative (systemic to molecular) biological mechanisms that mediate physiological and cognitive changes with aging and the effects of modulating influences and interventions on those changes.


We employ a wide range of contemporary experimental techniques to study these issues in human subjects and rodents in cross-sectional, intervention, and longitudinal study designs. Emphasis is placed on the integrative nature of the physiological and pathophysiological processes involved from a mechanistic perspective.

The laboratory is supported by research grants from the National Research Foundation (NRF) of Korea.


  • Exploring the Mechanisms Underlying the Combination Effect of Vitamin D and Exercise Training on Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease(NAFLD)/ Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH).
  • Investigating the mechanisms underlying exercise training-induced effects against obesity and metabolic complications due to dopamine D2 receptor deficiency.
  • Exploring the role of cardiorespiratory fitness against major disease and premature death by developing a non-exercise estimation algorithms for Korean adults.
  • Development of Evidence-Based Physical Activity Measurement Tool and Guidelines using Activity Tracker in Korean Older Adults: Focused on Physical and Mental Health.



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  • 조진경(박사)
  • 김동현(박사)
  • 이인환(박사)
  • 강민정(석박통합과정)
  • 한권석(석사과정)
  • 장기욱(석사과정)
  • 김태완(석사과정)
  • 이유진(석사과정)
  • 남진엽(석사과정)
  • 문지원(석사과정)