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About Us


The Department of Japanology aims to foster specialists on the regions of Japan by incorporating such fields as Japanese history, culture, society, and economy. Through this program, students will acquire a balanced and stereoscopic view of Japan, and various language programs will be provided to enhance language skills.


This major is an interdisciplinary program linked with other pertinent departments and it will lead students to understand Japanese society in more depth and develop a cosmopolitan outlook.


Fostering specialists with knowledge about Japan who have a balanced perspective is highly important, considering it prepares not only for an enhanced Korea-Japan relationship, but also for the future of the entire Northeast Asian region.


In the present society in which Japanology departments are reduced nationwide and only the functional facets of educating the Japanese language is highlighted, the Japanology Department of SungKyunKwan University, the educational center of Korean humanities, has been newly established with aims to foster professionals in Japanese culture and enhance academic and comprehensive understanding.


Department in Detail

1. Educational Objectives

The structured curriculum is divided into 4 document area such as East Asian Culture / Japanese Studies / International Relations / Acquisition of document information.

Experts in Japan

Strengthen Japanese language skills through exchange with Japanese students, language training and student exchange programs, experience Japanese culture in three dimensions.

Cultivate professional educators

Balanced visualization of Japanese, Japanese history, Japanese culture, and Japanese society and economy

Training of East Asia leaders

It has an international feel, in connection with other departments such as Confucian and Oriental Studies / Economics / Glocal Culture Contents / and Political Science and Diplomacy

2. Courses and Curriculums
Courses and Curriculums
Category Core Major General Major
Students aiming
for Learning
Research on Japanese popular culture, Understanding of Japan Contemporary Arts, A View of Japanese Culture, Contemporary Japanese society and East Asia, Elementary Classical Chinese I Japanese Culture and Movie, Japanese and Japanese Culture, Research of Modern Japanese Literature, Relations of the Japanese politics and society, Understanding of Japanese history, Traditional Japanese Society, Study of Japanese Intellectual History, Special Lecture on Japanese History
Students aiming for
Professional Jobs
Research on Japanese popular culture, Understanding of Japan Contemporary Arts, A View of Japanese Culture, Contemporary Japanese society and East Asia, Japanese business practice Japanese Culture and Movie, Japanese and Japanese Culture, International Order in East Asia and Japan, Relations of the Japanese politics and society, Japanese business and society, Cultural Content Industry in Modern Japan
3. Specialty in Major
Japanese Culture

Japanology provides an understanding of Japanese life-style and culture from the perspective of diversity. Also we analyze various aspects of Japanese culture and society such as; annual events, arts and social discourses.

Japanese Literature

Japanology provides a comprehensive review of the relationship between Japanese literature and other media, and enables them to understand Japanese society and culture through Japanese literature.

Why Choose Us?

1. Reputation
  • The Japanology has a variety of programs to train Japanese experts. We have classes in Japanese history, culture, society, economy, and more, so that students have the ability to understand Japanese more thoroughly and in a three-dimensional way. After graduation, students can chose to work either in a Japanese company or continue with further study in Japan. Graduates can also find employment in a Japanese company operating in Korea. Above all, graduates can work as professionals with the ability to three-dimensionally illuminate Japanese society for the positive development of Korea.
2. Special Activities
Okayama University credit exchange system
  • In Japanology, we are carrying out credit exchange projects in cooperation with the College of Liberal Arts. Every year, we have language training and cultural experiences at Okayama University in Japan. It is an opportunity to deepen understanding of Japan, as well as improvement of Japanese ability.
  • Qualifications : Students who are enrolled in 3-7 semesters of the College of Liberal Arts
Linking Sungkyun Japanese Research Institute with Japanology department
  • Research and development of content in the field of Japanese studies, comparative culture between Korea and Japan, and interdisciplinary research on East Asian economic / management field.