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About Us


Welcome to Sungkyunkwan University's (SKKU)

Department of Intelligent Software

서의성 학과장


Our department was established through a collaboration between Sungkyunkwan University and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., aiming to cultivate professional talent in the field of intelligent software. Intelligent software, based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), intelligently understands user demands in information appliances and smart devices and provides real-time, customized services to users. This field of intelligent software will become a core competency that can lead to the securing of competitiveness and innovation among global enterprises.


Currently, there is a high demand for professional talent in the field of intelligent software, but domestic companies are struggling to secure talent due to a lack of skilled professionals in the country. Consequently, a systematic and advanced human resource cultivation system is needed to close the gap with leading software and AI countries. Meanwhile, Korean companies are leading the industry as global leading companies in the field of information appliances, and Samsung Electronics is in a pressing situation to cultivate professional talent in the intelligent software field to maintain its position as a top global company.


Our department has laid the foundation for growth as a globally competitive university in the field of intelligent software, based on the talent cultivation program of software-centric universities and the excellent research capabilities of the university's software department professors in the SW-AI field. With the educational and research capabilities of Sungkyunkwan University and the support of Samsung Electronics, our students will have the opportunity to enhance their expertise in artificial intelligence and software fields through participation in related academic conferences, visits to global SW-AI companies, and interactions with alumni working in the industry. Upon graduation, they will contribute to the development of the nation's software industry as advanced developers and researchers at Samsung Electronics.


Our department will continuously innovate and keep up with the latest technology trends in education and research. Furthermore, based on academic rigor and practicality in the industry, our students will grow into globally competitive talents in the market. To achieve this vision, our department will collaborate with Samsung Electronics and make our utmost efforts.


Prof. Euiseong Seo,
Department Head in the Department of Intelligent Software at SKKU