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About Us


  • Introduction to the Department

We train Korean language teachers and researchers who can communicate and sympathize with Korean language and culture around the world by having expertise, educational capabilities, and communication skills in Korean language education.


  • Educational goals and talents
    • Training differentiated Korean teachers and Korean experts who lead the development of the language and culture
    • Presenting a new model of Korean language education based on tradition
    • Globalizing Korean language studies by providing Korean language education and strengthening the department's status as a center of Korean studies


  • Future vision and career path
    • Entering Korean-related education and research fields, promoting the exchange of Korean language teachers, developing Korean language education content, and guiding domestic multicultural teachers, overseas Korean companies, and international exchange fields
    • Offering the Ph.D. program, including the Department of Korean Language and Literature (Major in Korean Language Education), to professional researchers related to Korean language studies


  • Support
    • By providing the highest level of opportunities to develop proficiency in the Korean language, a program will be prepared so that students can grow into Korean language education experts and Korean studies researchers through obtaining a doctorate in the future.
    • Providing support to cultivate the language skills necessary for employment in Korean companies in Korea and abroad
    • Supporting employment in domestic Korean language education-related institutions including Sungkyunkwan University
    • Supporting employment and activities at overseas Korean language education-related institutions such as universities and language institutes located abroad