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스포츠산업에서의 고객만족, 서비스마케팅 스포츠 광고, 스포츠 스폰서십

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The integrative (systemic to molecular) biological mechanisms that mediate physiological and cognitive changes with aging (i.e., mild cognitive impairments and dementia) and the effects of modulating influences and interventions on those neurodegenerative diseases. N/A

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Neural control of human movement, Sensory perception, Motor learning and Neuro-plasticity

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Biomechanics Multiscale Mechanics Sport Mechanics Small-Scale Biomechanics

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스포츠조직행동 스포츠조직이론 스포츠소비자행동 융합연구

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New Technology and Sports Consumers' Perceptions of Artificial Intelligence Sport Consumer Behavior

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Network Softwarization (SDN/NFV) Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Network Mobile Human Computer Interaction 적용분야:HCI SW플랫폼, 모바일 클라우드/인터랙션

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  • 교수 Human Computer Interaction
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Embodied, Playful, Tangible, Wearable Interaction 스마트 케어를 위한 인문-디자인-공학 융합연구

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User Modeling & Recommender System, Text Mining Pattern Analysis

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