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Application Schedule


Process Spring 2024
Freshmen Transfer
1st round 2nd round
Online Application 10:00, Aug. 21(Mon) ~ 17:00, Sep. 01(Fri), 2023 10:00, Nov. 06(Mon) ~ 17:00, Nov. 17(Fri), 2023  
Aug. 21(Mon) ~ 17:00, Sep. 04(Mon), 2023 Nov. 06(Mon) ~ 17:00, Nov. 20 (Mon), 2023  
Oct. 27(Fri), 2023 Jan. 05(Fri), 2024  
Beginning of
Feb. 26(Mon), 2024



Admission Requirements

A. International students whose parents are both foreign nationals. (Non-Korean nationality)

B. International students who have graduated from high school, expected to graduate or have high school graduate equivalency approved by an authorized organization.

  -  Exception : For Taiwanese nationals, at least one parent must be a foreign national

  -  Students with dual nationality are not accepted

C. Freshman students

  •   -  International students whose both parents are foreign national. (Non-Korean nationality)

  •   -  Student with dual nationality is not eligible

  •   -  Graduated from high school(secondary education) or expected to graduate

  •   -  Have high school graduate equivalency approved by an authorized organization

  •   -  Korean: A certificate of the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK)

  •   -  English: A proficiency test score of TOEFL or IELTS* The required level of proficiency varies depending on majors.

D. Transfer students

  -  International students whose both parents are foreign national. (Non-Korean nationality)

  -  Student with dual nationality is not eligible

  -  graduated or is expected to graduate 4-year university

  -  enrolled in a 4-year university for more than 2 years or 4 semesters (earned more than 65credits)

  -  enrolled in a 2~3 year community college(either internationally or domestically) and received or is expected to receive a degree

  -  A certificate of the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) level 4 or above


Required Documents

Required Documents
  Required Documents Remarks
1 Application Write online and print for submission
(For overseas applications who are not able to access online site, use form attached at FAQ board No.5)
2 Personal Statement Must be written in Korean or English
3 Letter of Consent Fill out the form given with the requested school information and sign
4 High School Diploma and Transcript of all High School Grades
  1. Students who have graduated from overseas high schools should submit the apostille certificates, and students graduating from countries without the apostille Agreement (including China) must obtain ‘Certification of Overseas Institutions’ or confirmation from the consul
  2. Chinese high school graduates also need to submit original English copy of [会考成绩表] or [高等学校招生考试(高考) if possible
5 Official Language Test Score
(Korean or English)
6 Nationality Confirmation Documents
  1. Copy of ID Card (applicant, parents)
  2. Copy of Passport (applicant)
  3. Copy of Applicant’s Foreigner Registration ID Card, issued by Korean Immigration Office
  4. Entry/ Exit Date Certificate, issued by Korean Immigration Office
  5. Family Relationship Certificate or Family Registry Certificate
    e.g.) U.S.A: Birth certificate
    Japan: Certified copy of Family Register
  6. Renunciation of Korean citizenship documents for foreign-born Koreans' Foreign citizenship must be obtained before high school for both parents and applicant
7 Optional Documents
  1. College entrance exam score or academic reference - SAT, ACT, AP, A-Level, International Baccalaureate (IB), SIJIL PELAJARAN MALAYSIA (SPM), 大学入試センター試験, and so on
  2. Other official language test scores - TOEFL, TOEIC, TEPS, IELTS, HSK, JLPT, DELF, DELE, TestDaF, TORFL, Celpe Bras, etc.
  3. A letter of recommendation
  4. Awards received during high school
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◾ Document Screening 100%

◾ Additional points can be given to those who have completed outstanding grade in Korean Language Center,

        Sungkyun Language Institute.

◾ There can be additional interview if needed

◾ Language ability, transcript and other performance scores are evaluated overall