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Research Institutes

Research Funding and Centers

The SKKU School of Pharmacy is one of the top research focused pharmacy schools in Korea. The school harbors many research centers including:

  • The Research Center for Epigenomic Regulation
  • Center for Development of DDS Platform Technologies for Super-generics
  • Laboratory of Chromatin Dynamics
  • Center for Excellence in Future Pharmaceutical Education and Research
  • Gyeonggi Pharmaceutical Research Center


Research Year Government Funding

Brain Korea 21 (BK21 FOUR)
- Education and Research Center for Fostering Pharmaceutical Researchers toward Leading Innovative Growth

- Total Periodic Education Center for Innovative Bio-therapeutics Based on Cluster of Industry, Universitym Research Institute and  Hospital

2019 ~ 2026


2019 ~ 2026

$ 10.5M


$  3.5M

Medical Research Center (MRC)
- Epigenome Dynamics Research Center EDRC
2019 ~ 2026 $  9.8M
Graduation School of Industrial Pharmaceutical Science 2021 ~ 2023 $  1.5M
Graduate School of Regulatory Science(II) 2021 ~ 2026 $  2.5M

Basic Research Laboratory (BRL)

- Late-stage Drug Optimization Laboratory

2016 ~ 2022 $  3.0M
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Research Funding and Centers

  • Global Drug Development Research Institute at SKKU (GDDRI) 


Established: 1985. 8. 1


Tasks of the Institute
  • Intensifying basic studies and technologies for the development of new pharmaceuticals
  • raining researchers and invigorating research competence


Main Work
  • Performing faculties’ governmental & national research projects
  • Hosting periodical seminars with honored guests
  • Supporting faculties’ overseas academic activities