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Academic Programs

Content of the Exchange Program

Exchange Program for Undergraduate/Graduated students, degree to be conferred

Each of the participating universities will offer the exchange students lectures in three main areas:

  • introduction to the legal and political systems of the host country
  • comparative law and political science and
  • language classes particularly designed for education and research in the field of social science.

Two subjects will be offered for each area and participation in each subject will enable the students to earn credits according to the standards of each school. Students may also choose to audit other classes conducted by the host university that are taught in English.

program images
program images

For the graduate student exchange program, each of the participating universities will offer the exchange students lectures in two main areas : (1) Research of East Asian Law 1 A/B: East Asian Comparative Law, and (2) Research of East Asian Law 2 A/B : East Asian “jus commune”. Every graduate student is required to attend more than one of these newly opened lectures for the Campus Asia program. At the end of the exchange period, all students are to present his or her academic achievement on East Asian Law.

program images
program images

Student Support (Tuition waivers, counseling, internships etc.)

By ‘Letter of Intent for Cooperation’, all participating schools support tuition fee exemption for students (payment to their own college is sufficient) and Life support scholarships are provided.
The offices of advisors to foreign students at the participating universities provide all sorts of advisory services. In each university, there are support systems by students (In Sungkyunkwan university there are student programs such as; ‘HI-Club, MAPLE, and FRIENDS’). In addition, each exchange student will be attended to by a counterpart such as personal tutor, to help with language and other daily needs.
Every year some students will have the chance to experience an internship in English or their own language. Toyota Motor Korea throughout the pilot project, Chunichi newspaper Beijing branch, sk-energy, kotra, etc., provide internship opportunities for students.

Language Study and Cultural Experience

Exchange students are expected to learn English and either Chinese / Japanese / Korean before and after the exchange, according to a three-step plan as follows :

  • English for class-room lectures and discussions;
  • Knowledge in Chinese / Japanese / Korean as the basic means to gain access to information about the local culture of the host country; and,
  • ability to read in local language Chinese/Japanese/Korean, after returning to own country, as a necessary
program images
program images

condition for the students to do further research in the law and politics of the visited country, and in order to develop high expertise in these fields.

program images
program images

In addition, the program will try to create the opportunity to experience the culture of the dispatched countries and try to hold a field trip every year.