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CAMPUS Asia Program

CAMPUS Asia Program (Law and Political Science Project Group)

Training Human Resources for the Development of an Epistemic Community in Law and Political Science to Promote the Formation of "Jus Commune" in East Asia.

Globalization in the field of law has at the same time given rise to regionalization. There have been efforts in China, Japan, and Korea to search for the formation of a “jus commune” in East Asia. This project is aimed at discovering the Western “global standards of law”, and on that basis, promoting human resources for the development of an epistemic community in law and political science, where participants can exchange ideas on the formation of “jus commune” in East Asia. Selected (undergraduate/graduated) students will be sent to study in China/Japan/Korea for one semester or one year in a member university, and have to participate in three main lectures* using english. In addition, some other students will also have the opportunity to study in the participating universities under one-month short-term exchange programs.

Main areas of study in KOREA (Introduction to Korean Law, Introduction to Korean Politics, Comparative Legal Study in Asia, Comparative Politics in Asia, Korean for Social Science I, Korean for Social Science II)

Since 2016 (a total of five years after the start of a pilot project that began in 2012), the number of short-term and regular semester students who have participated totals more than 100 and will increase by more than 50~70 students by 2020.

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