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Conducting an Internship

∎ Preparation of Weekly Report and Comprehensive Report via Tollgate (Internship Support System)
  - Weekly report: Weekly practice details and impressions are recorded.
  - Comprehensive report: Comprehensive report is to be completed within 7 days of completion of the practice.
    ※ When preparing a weekly report, it must be "saved", and when completing the weekly report and comprehensive report, click "Submit Report" to submit the final report (note that any edits will be blocked after submission).
    ※ When writing a weekly report, it is prohibited to copy and paste the same prior contents.
    ※ During the internship practice, all reports are prepared through field practice system (Tollgate) For Tollgate registration and usage, instructions will be sent via email from the industry-academic business team (산학사업팀) after receiving a certificate of major suitability.

∎ Prepartion and Submission of Results Report
  - After completing the performance evaluation and results report in Tollgate, additional report is created, not derived from the content in Tollgate, using own template different from the software convergence university's template.
    (Software Engineering majors who enrolled after 2017 must also submit internship confirmation in their own template).
  - For additional parts to add, submit the edited results report to the person in charge of the internship at the Software Convergence University through e-mail.