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SW Education·Experience

SW-AI Competency Enhancement Education & Operating programs

∎ Providing SW-AI education for elementary, middle, and high schools

◦ Education Institute for Gifted discovers and fosters convergence talents who will lead the future society based on creativity, social, and emotional capabilities for elementary/middle school students in the metropolitan area

◦ Operation of education programs linked to high school students in the SW-AI field for students in general high schools, science high schools, IT specialized high schools, and specialized high schools in the metropolitan area

◦ To train high school students in the SW field, a mentor group that consists of students at SW Convergence University is formed and operated by SungKyun SW mentoring program

◦ To increase interest in SW departments and foster knowledge of SW fields, SW major experience programs are conducted by SW ALIMI(Student ambassador) are operated for high school students

∎ Operation of SW-AI value diffusion program for university members

◦ Spread the value of SW-AI in the university by making SW-AI major education mandatory for non-software-majoring professors

◦ Operate a programming competition for the students with to contribute to the domestic algorithm community by raising interest in algorithm solving and discovering talents

◦ Operating a joint hackathon/dataton competition by both SW-centered university/non-SW-centered university student association cooperation

∎ Activating SW-AI education for elementary, middle, and high school information teachers

◦ SKKU-CEN (Computer Education Network) teacher workshops are held regularly with elementary, middle, and high school information teachers and prospective teachers interested in SW-AI education to help the adaptation to the school field and and revitalize SW-AI education

∎ Operation of Silvernet School for SW-AI Education of Silver Generation

◦ Introduce SW-AI technology to the elderly and hold workshops for silver generation that can be used in everyday life

◦ Provides knowledge and skills training for digital literacy such as filming and editing videos by using smartphones