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Director's Greeting




From the establishment of the Software University in 2015 to the College of Computing and Informatics in 2021, Sungkyunkwan University has been trying to become a changemaker that changes the level of software knowledge of students and faculty members as well as the public.


These efforts paid off by being selected as a second-phase project from eight first-phase universities based on the first-phase major achievements of 41 universities nationwide, strengthening new technology education, and differentiated software curriculum by division and level.


Now, our National Program of Excellence in Software is recognized as a cradle for fostering professionals and high-quality human resources in the SW and AI fields, but we will upgrade the education system and further strengthen the educational infrastructure by making the most of this reputation.


2021 is the first year of Sungkyunkwan University National Program of Excellence in Software’s second phase, and it is a meaningful year when National Center of Excellence in Software was newly established by expanding the existing software university.


National Center of Excellence in Software encompasses the Department of Software and the Department of Global Convergence as the main body of this second-phase National Program of Excellence in Software. The SW department has 100 students enrolled every year, and the Global Convergence Department received 50 freshmen in the first year of this year, the highest level of competition for fluoroscopy in our university. Now, National Center of Excellence in Software is the only college that encompasses the Natural Science Campus and the Humanities and Social Sciences Campus and the representative university of Sungkyunkwan University in name and reality.


In this second phase of the project, we will not only focus on the indicators presented in the National Center of Excellence in Software and the purpose of achieving results, but will also start bold cooperation and innovation measures such as joint operation of educational programs and curriculum monitoring with participating universities. Along with this, we have continued to bond with industries, local governments, and groups of external experts at home and abroad, and we will systematize these experiences to create greater results and expand innovative activities to return them to society.


Training professional talents with SW and AI capabilities is the core of the non-contact economy and digital transformation. At the center of it are 'students' who are end users of education. As we desperately need to secure talent in the software field, we will systematize consumer-centered SW and AI-based educational models that combine online and offline mix, artificial intelligence and human intelligence, multidisciplinary, and theory and practical skills to foster true global talent.


Demand for artificial intelligence talents, including software, continues to increase due to the digital transformation and the continuation of the non-face-to-face-to-face economy. However, amid difficult conditions such as fierce global technology hegemony and talent competition, I would like to tell you three things to strengthen the second-phase SW-centered university and leap into a global leading university leading the future.


First, please always think that you are the true future owner and that there is a "person" at the center of technological development led by SW and AI.


Second, I emphasize that you acquire a wide range of perspectives and expertise with the role of inclusion and consideration and promote innovation for the sustainable development of mankind.


Third, I hope that universities, research institutes, industries, and governments based on SW and AI will participate in the role of platform universities that can be organically linked and fused.


Let's all become changemakers.

Let's lead the era of digital transformation.


“Everyone a Changemaker.” 


Dean of SKKU SW Univ.Lee, Eun Seok