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IMBA(Internet-Based MBA)

Top-notch online MBA program in Korea

IMBA is Korea's highest quality on-line MBA degree program. This program is designed for students unable to participate in a program using a traditional format. The IMBA is Korea's first fully online MBA degree program.


Learning Goals & Objectives

Management Skills

  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of core management disciplines
  • Students will possess professional abilities to integrate and apply knowledge of management functions
  • Students will possess qualified professional work experience


Critical Thinking Skills

  • Students will be able to critically analyze and interpret information for decision-making
  • Students will be able to produce and compare alternative solutions and to identify the logically best choice



  • Students will be able to recognize and analyze ethical business issues and problems
  • Students will be able to evaluate socially responsible choices and to make socially appropriate decisions


Communication and Cooperation Skills

  • Student will be able coherently express views orally and/or in written form


Global Perspective

  • Students will demonstrate understanding of cultural, political, and economic differences and commonalities in global/Asian region
  • Students will communicate in a foreign language at a level adequate for business communications


Educational Objectives

  • Global Perspective
  • Creative Entrepreneurship
  • In-depth Knowledge and Integration Capabilities


Educational Distinctiveness

  • 100% on-line MBA program licensed by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources.
  • World-class faculty
    Full-time Business School faculty-developed textbooks and lectures
  • Competent support and administration
    Continuous communication with professors through video Q&A and off-line test
  • Offline community activities
    Joint study opportunities for complementary cooperation, active online student committees based on regions or majors
  • Overseas global seminars
    Overseas global seminars to Japan, Europe and other countries gaining international perspectives and combining theory and practice
  • Extensive scholarship support for focus on academic learning