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The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree offers general management preparation with an opportunity for specialization in a specific field of business. It represents a careful balance of structure and choice, with flexibility that allows students to tailor their program to reflect the individual career goals they have selected.


The students in BBA are required to complete;

  • more than 120 credits including 30 in essential courses, 33 in concentration courses, and 37 in liberal arts.
  • more than eight semesters registration
  • A GPA of 2.5 or above (Non-Korean students’ GPA should be more than 2.0)
  • submitting alternative documentation format for graduation thesis SamPum (three qualification of Social services, language proficiency and computing skills / SamPum is waived for non-Korean students)

Please note the Curriculum Guide is intended for a general overview of the courses required and is subject to change.


BBA students also take courses:

Global Issue & Business

All freshmen in BBA are strongly suggested to take . Through this course, students will gain a wider perspective on business and set up their goals with alumni mentors’ experience and knowledge.


Understanding of Management with CEO

SKK Business School offers CEO lectures where students can get CEO’s real stories about the start of their business, hardship as a CEO, vision, plan etc.



BBA students (and GBA students) can apply for internship which should last more than four weeks. Finishing their internship, they can earn 3 credits.


International Exchange Programs

SKK Business School runs exchange programs with global education institutes. Students in BBA will find lots of opportunities to mingle with global students through exchange programs offered by SKK Business School as well as SKKU.