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International Trade and Policy (Interdisciplinary)

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Code Course Title Credit Learning Time Division Degree Grade Note Language Availability
BIZ2022 Introduction to Financial Accounting 3 6 Major Bachelor 1-4 SKK Business School English,Korean Yes
Provides balanced coverage of the mechanics, measurement theory, and economic context of financial accounting. Strikes a balance between a preparer's and a user's orientation, emphasizing that students must understand both how transactions lead to financial statements (preparer's orientation) and how one can infertransactions given a set of financial statements (user's orientation). Relies on current, real-world examples taken from the popular business press. First part of the course introduces students to the financial accounting environment, financial statements, the accounting cycle, and the theoretical framework of accounting measurement. Second part of the course covers the elements of financial statements, emphasizing mechanics, measurement theory, and the economic environment.
BUS2001 Introduction to Management 3 6 Major Bachelor 1-4 Business Administration Korean Yes
From the perspective of management, students learn theories and methods necessary for managing businesses and operating companies. Specifically, students learn about the major roles and activities of managers responsible for corporate performance, the internal and external management environments that managers need to oversee within the organization, the process of setting goals for the company and formulating and executing strategies to achieve those goals, as well as methods for making rational decisions. Additionally, methods for building and strengthening organizational culture, adapting and innovating the organization according to changes in the management environment, advantages and disadvantages of various organizational structures and types, managing people as the core assets of the organization, individual characteristics and diversity necessary for this, and motivational methods corresponding to these are examined. Finally, effective methods for forming and operating groups and teams, and understanding the leadership qualities that managers need to possess are explored.
BUS2036 International Business Negotiation & Contract 3 6 Major Bachelor Business Administration Korean Yes
Understanding negotiations required for international sales, trading, and international business and study the step-by-step strategy tactics leads to succeed complicated negotiation. Commercial and legal study of international sales contract(including goods, service, intellectual property and technology), and contract of carriage, contract of marine insurance and contract of payment for the performance of sales contract, and discussion of remedies in case of the breach of contracts by way of arbitration.
BUS3001 International Logistics 3 6 Major Bachelor 1-4 Business Administration Korean,Korean Yes
Deals with basic principles of international transport logistics that is inevitable in international trade and business. Topics include logistics management, international transport, international logistics center, international logistics strategy and case studies, the role of international transportation systems, commercial, legal and economic aspects of various mode of transport are reviewed. Itra-firm and inter-firm coordination including supply chain management are also discussed.
BUS3027 Global Risk Management and Insurance 3 6 Major Bachelor 1-4 Business Administration Chinese,Korean Yes
This course identifies a variety of risks associated with globalization process and global corporations and enables students to measure, control, and transfer them in both traditional and modern ways.
CHI3034 Readings in Business Chinese 3 6 Major Bachelor 4 Chinese Language and Literature Korean Yes
Based on full-understading of set expressions and style of official document written in Chinese, the course aims to train the skills to make out contracts in Chinese.
CHS2005 Global Economic History 1 2 Major Bachelor 1-4 Challenge Semester - No
This course aims to enhance the knowledge on the modern global economic order by studying the evolutionary process of the global world economy. Main concepts include modernization, entrepreneurship, industrial revolution, technological progress, economic development, globalization, and world economic order. Details of th course are as follows. It begins with the broad explanation of the global economic history, and moves on to ancient time, middle age, great voyage, mercantilism, industrial revolution, first wave of globalization, retreat of globalization, second wave of globalization, and contemporary globaization.
CHS7004 Thesis writing in humanities and social sciences using Python 3 6 Major Bachelor/Master/Doctor Challenge Semester Korean Yes
This course is to write a thesis in humanities and social science field using Python. This course is for writing thesis using big data for research in the humanities and social sciences. Basically, students will learn how to write a thesis, and implement a program in Python as a research methodology for thesis. Students will learn how to write thesis using Python, which is the most suitable for processing humanities and social science related materials among programming languages ​​and has excellent data visualization. Basic research methodology for thesis writing will be covered first as theoretical lectures. Methodology for selection of topics will be discussed also. Once a topic is selected, a lecture on how to organize related research will be conducted. In the next step, students learn how to write necessary content according to the research methodology. Then how to suggest further discussion along with how to organize bibliography to complete a theoretical approach. The basic Python grammar is covered for data analysis using Python, and the process for input data processing is conducted. After learning how to install and use the required Python package in each research field, the actual data processing will be practiced. To prepare for the joint research, learn how to use the jupyter notebook as the basic environment. Learn how to use matplolib for data visualization and how to use pandas for big data processing.
ECO2001 Principles of Economics Ⅰ 3 6 Major Bachelor 2-3 Economics Korean,English,Korean Yes
Introductory course for freshmen majoring in economics is designed to provide a general orientation regarding the nature of economic science and basic theories of economics. Topics include basic concepts of economics, determination of priceby supply and demand, princing of output and productive factors, general equilibrium, income destribution, and other aspects of economics. Principles of economics I analyze the optimization behavior of each agent.
ECO2002 Principles of Economics Ⅱ 3 6 Major Bachelor 2-3 Economics Korean,English,Korean Yes
Introductory course for freshmen majoring in economics is designed to provide a general orientation regarding the nature of economic science and basic theories of economics. Topics include basic concepts of national income, determination ofnational income, employment, interest rate, inflation, wage and price, and econ-omic growth & business cycle.
ECO2003 Microeconomics 3 6 Major Bachelor 2-3 Economics Korean,English,Korean Yes
A detailed examination of micro aspects of economic theory at the intermediate level. Topics discussed are theories of consumer behavior and demand, productionand cost, organization of the firm and the market, distribution of factor income, general equilibrium, economic welfare and other current microeconomic issues.
ECO2004 Macroeconomics 3 6 Major Bachelor 2-3 Economics Korean,English,Korean Yes
Study and analysis of macroeconomic theory and policy at the intermediate level.Topics include national income and employment determination, analysis of aggregate demand and supply, the general equilibrium of national economy, monetary and fiscal policy, new keynesian economics, new classical economics, and related issues of economic growth and fluctuations. In addition, explore open economy of macroeconomic analysis, focusing on exchange rate, balance of payment and foreign exchange market.
ECO2013 International Trade Theory 3 6 Major Bachelor 2-3 Economics Korean,English Yes
A principle analysis of the pure theory of international trade. This course willinclude selected topics such as gains from trade, theories of comparative advantage, production and consumption in the model of international trade, effects of international trade on the factors of production, growth and welfare aspects of trade, trade policies, and economic unions.
ECO3015 International Finance 3 6 Major Bachelor 3-4 Economics Korean,English Yes
This course covers theories and policies of balance of payments, foreign exchange markets and determination of exchange rates, international money markets, and international monetary systems. It also deals with purchasing power parity, the analysis of monetary and fiscal policy under fixed and flexible exchange rates, speculative attacks and the causes and consequences of international financial crises.
ECO3016 Korean Economy 3 6 Major Bachelor 3-4 Economics Korean Yes
This course is in the first place, designed to clarify the characteristics of the development process of the Korean Economy. In so doing, the course is devided post-world war II period into the four different time span ; inter-war period(1945-193), post-Korean war period(1953-1960), economic-development-plan period, and the civil gov't period(1993- ). For those periods, issues such as sources of economic development, structural change, inflation and unemployment, and income distribution are discussed.