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Jan. 1965 The Department of Electrical Engineering established
Dec. 1969 The Department of Electronics Engineering established
Dec. 1982 The Department of Information Engineering established
Mar. 1990 The Graduate School of Science and Technology established
Mar. 1993 The Department of Measurement and Control established
Apr. 1994 The Institute of Information and Communication Technology established
Mar. 1996 The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering established
Dec. 1996 The Samsung Group acquired the University Foundation
Mar. 2002 School of Information and Communication Engineering established
Mar. 2003 The Department of Semiconductor Systems Engineering established
Feb. 2007
  • Launched four brand new graduate degree programs :
    • Department of Cellular Phone Technology (currently renamed as 'IT Convergence')
    • Department of Mobile Communication Engineer
    • Department of Semiconductor Display Engineering
  • Department of Photovoltaic System Engineering (Interdisciplinary)
Feb. 2008 Department of Software and the Graduate Department of Embedded Software established
Feb. 2010 Graduate Department of DMC Engineering established
Mar. 2012 College of Information and Communication Engineering established
Mar. 2014 Samsung Convergence S/W Course established
Jan. 2015 The 50th Anniversary of the founding of the Department of Electronic
Sep. 2015 Separation of the College of Information and Communication Engineering (Electronic&Electrical Engineering, Semiconductor Systems) and the College of Software (Computer Science&Engineering, Software)