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Mission & Vision



The College of Information and Communication Engineering (CICE) is one of the top-schools in Korea in the electrical, electronic engineering and semiconductor engineering fields which play pivotal roles in today's economy.


We encourage future oriented educational ideas and create outstanding human resources to guide the future of Korean industry. Our faculty try to encourage students to create innovative knowledge based on originality and lead a bright future for the nation and the global society.


Also, CICE is providing the community and industry with high quality professional engineers, who proved excelling practice and commitment in their leading positions helped by innovative education. We produce highly educated and trained human resources who will meet the requirements of the industry without undue on-the-job retraining.


The College of Information and Communication Engineering (CICE) is striving to be recognized for its outstanding education, research, and community engagement, and for the quality of its socially responsible graduates.





"Global Leading IT College"

To enhance high quality education and research recognition in the field of information and communication engineering by promoting global awareness