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Department of Display Convergence Engineering

Location #23206A, Engineering Building 1
Address 2066 Seobu-Ro, Jangan-Gu, Suwon, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea
Telephone 82-31-299-4391

The Department of Display Engineering at Sungkyunkwan University Graduate School is an employment conditional contract department that guarantees employment at LG Display after obtaining a master's or doctoral degree. The Department of Display Convergence Engineering was opened in March 2023 to nurture key talents who will lead the innovation of the display industry with engineering expertise and practical experience in the industrial field.

The Department of Display Convergence Engineering actively responds to changes in the display industry environment through customized education specialized in the display industry, such as device, process, panel, optics, and algorithm research, along with basic technologies such as electricity, electronics, physics, chemistry, and materials, and The goal of education is to nurture master's and doctoral level convergence core talents who have a broad understanding and expertise in the field of education.