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Student Activities/Societies

Student Activities

Castle Town Walking Event
Estabished in 2015, a walking tour along the fortress walls of the four gates of Seoul
Humanities Programs
Sungkyun humanities day, exhibition tour, people’s university, K-MOOC, etc
Satire Discussion
Established in 1985 to inherit the tradition of satire of Confucian scholars of Sungkyunkwan



(1) Cooperative Student Government

The Cooperative Student Government' is a self-governing community of students to help each other and design different events to enrich their school lives, and is organized to solve problems occurring from the affiliation system. It is hard for students to participate in the majors they are interested in under the affiliation system, so to help students adapt better to the major they wish to study, we have organized a cooperative student government.

The three major roles of the cooperative student government are to maintain the student community, developmentally lead the student community and offer convenience to students.

  • To maintain and succeed the student community of the College of Confucian Studies, the student government arranges opportunities for the students to gather for unity.
  • To improve the student government of College of Confucian Studies, students can discuss and plan events to achieve the goals of the cooperative student government. They can host major meetings to promote the majors of College of Confucian Studies or have a debate about social issues. This role of the student government exists to make the community a convenient and welcoming meeting place.
  • To act as a student welfare business. To provide a convenient and entertaining school life for every student. For example, they provide lockers for students to store heavy books.


Contact : Phone number(02-760-0913) / E-mail(


(2) Student Clubs
Student Clubs
Club Name
Purpose Major Activity
Musical Band Musical band of College of Confucian Studies
Moving : 無氷
Social Science Society Seminars on overall topics of Social Science
Basketball Club Basketball and promoting friendship
Soccer Club Soccer and promoting friendship