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Study Abroad Programs

Global-Core Talent Fostering Programs

Global-Core Talent Fostering Programs
Programs Description
Chinese Lecture Programs
  • Invite the best lecturers and provide HSK and Chinese conversation lectures
  • Support HSK application fees to grade acquisitors
Exchange Students Program
to Top universities in China
  • Send exchange students to complete the programs of local universities where we have partnership agreements
  • Tsinghwa University, Peking University and Shandong University
English Conversation Program
  • Send students to language schools in English-speaking countries for enhancement of English conversation skills and to finish conversation, writing and reading programs
Survivor by English Culture Experience
  • Carry out local assignmentson field trips such as Chicago, USA. Also attend overseas field trip programs, international academic conferences and exchange student programs which allow studentsto take classes in the best universities of the world for at least 1 semester.
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Global Programs at SKKU

(1) Inbound Exchange Student Program

The Exchange Student Program (ESP) is designed for international students from affiliated global universities. SKKU welcomes all students coming from around the globe to a challenging academic and unique cultural experience on our campuses, where traditional and contemporary features are beautifully harmonized. SKKU is well-prepared to meet the academic needs of international students by providing a plethora of courses in foreign languages, the Regular Korean Program (RKP) and International Summer Semester (ISS), along with various intriguing cultural activities where you can experience Korea’s culture and history.

(2) Visiting Program

The Visiting Student Program (VSP) is aimed at recruiting competent students from overseas universities not affiliated with SKKU. Visiting students will experience fruitful campus life at SKKU with other domestic and international students. Having more than 600 years of history and splendid culture, SKKU provides not only high-quality courses delivered by eminent professors and lecturers, but also unique campus ambience that you will not find at other universities in Korea. Both Korean students studying at foreign universities and international students are welcome to apply for the program.

(3) Outbound Exchange Students

SKKU kicked off its outbound exchange program in the late 1990s. The 21st century has witnessed a considerable expansion of the number of outgoing SKKU students to partner universities around the world. This is mainly attributed to the increase of international collaboration, resulting in a huge influx of international students to our university.

Every semester, over 300 students go on study abroad programs to experience the world. Through the valuable outgoing programs, SKKU students are able to network with global friends and experience new cultures. Moreover, we also expect the outgoing students to play a critical role as ambassadors of SKKU in promoting our global competency to other nations.

(4) Int'l Summer Semester

The International Summer Semester (ISS) is a four-week summer experience that you will never forget. By bringing together students and faculty from Korea and around the world, the ISS is not only academically stimulating; it also offers an opportunity to make new friends and to discover Seoul and Korea.