Guide to the Faculty Pool


Guide to the Faculty Pool

Faculty Pool registration (Pre-SKKFaculty Register)

  • 01An innovative System developed to recruit topnotch personnel.
  • 02To attract faculty members with expert knowledge, and professional teaching skills.
  • 03To increase the university's capability in teaching and research.

Our previous faculty recruiting system was primarily based on open competitive recruiting. As the system is no longer adequately effective for securing high-quality faculty, the University has developed as new system to recruit faculty with excellent research potential at home and abroad by verifying their qualifications during initial phases of employment at Sungkyunkwan University.

The faculty pool system is designed to build a database of professors who are actively involved in various areas, registering their work experiences, research achievements, prizes and awards. By developing a comprehensive and systematic reference to the information from the faculty recruiting database, the university is able to find and secure the most highly qualified professionals in all areas of need. Eligible applicants are as follows :

  • Researchers verified to have research potential.
  • Outstanding word-class researchers or professors.
  • Prominent individuals in any field of study.
  • Faculty at SKKU who demonstrate potential to contribute to the university's research activities.

We expect the following from the activation of the pool

  • Fairness and rationality in recruiting new faculties.
  • Securing world-class scholars.
  • Recruitment based on objective criteria, thus avoiding potential for discrimination, based on education, hometown, race, or gender.
  • Finding the most appropriate personnel based on objective data in terms of their qualification and capability.

Candidates to register for the SKKU human resource POOL

  • 01Anyone who wishes to apply for the university's regular open recruitment.
  • 02Anyone who may not be entitled to our regular open recruitment but wishes to apply for special recruitment opportunities via research capability verifacation programs.
  • 03Anyone who wishes to apply for the university's various programs of employing faculty. (Visiting, Research, Full time, Clinical, Outpatient)
  • 04Anyone who wishes to apply for instructor positions (applicants for general instructors).