Recruitment Policies & Procedures

Note for Applicants

Recruitment Policies & Procedures

Note for Applicants

Procedures for open recruitment

  • Step 1 : Documents evaluation.
  • Step 2 : Evaluation for adequateness of major and research. Research presentation and personality evaluation will be carried out at the same time.
  • Step 3 : Interviews with the Faculty Personnel Committee will be given.
  • Step 4 : A notice of success in employment will be given to successful applican

Research achievements for evaluation

  • Evaluation for research achievements focuses on quality over quantity.
  • Applicants should select 2 or 3 representative papers(main author: corresponding or first author) from among the research results within the last 3 years (If the main author representative paper is less than 2 papers, it is possible to select co-author paper, but the reviewer will be informed about the co-author paper)
  • Only research performances within the last 3 years of the evaluation period which were filled in faculty pool systems will be evaluated.
  • Research performances dated before the evaluation period or not entered in person will not be evaluated.

Research presentations by departments

  • Research presentations will be performed on the specified date by a relevant department.
  • Evaluation will be given on the campus which the relevant department belongs to.
    • Humanities and Social Sciences/Arts : Departments in Humanities and Social Science campus (Seoul).

    • Natural Sciences/Engineering/Medicine/Sports : Departments in Natural Sciences campus (Suwon).

  • Individual evaluation will be one hour in duration.
  • The evaluation date and time by departments will be announced.
    • Departments which have already set the schedule for evaluations will announce it to the applicants when they have submitted the required documents.

    • Only for applicants who have passed the documents screening will be notified either by phone or email.

    • Details including the presentation theme and time will be announced together.

  • No changes to an individual presentation date or time can be made since the schedule is universally set for all candidates.


  • No one can be employed if no eligible candidates are found or if the balanced development of a specific department will be impeded
    (ex: in the case where employment falls into the employment quota system)