Student Medical Checkup

Medical Checkup Fee Refund

Student Medical Checkup

Medical Checkup Fee Refund

From the second semester of 2020, the payment of the student medical checkup fee has been changed from ‘required’ to ‘optional’ according to the recommendation of the Ministry of Education.

This is a guide for students who paid the “student medical checkup fee” and never had a checkup during their enrollment period. Those eligible for a refund, please apply for a refund.

※ Refund Period: 3 years after payment

2024-1st Application Period: March 4th, 2024 ~ August 15t, 2024 Check and apply before graduation!

◇[From the 2023-second semester] 

Applicants for March~July & September~January will be checked at the end of each month and will be deposited early next month

- In August & February, apply until the middle of the month / Deposit scheduled at the end of the month


  • Refund subject : Students who paid the “student medical checkup fee” and never had a checkup.
    (excluding students who have already received a refund)
  • Refund amount: Your payment amount
  • Refund method: You need to check and edit the account yourself on GLS.
    Those eligible for a refund must modify/enter their account → Click [Account Verification] → Check the verification result: ‘Normal’ → Click [Application Request] to complete the application.
  • [2024-1th] Application period: March 4th, 2024 ~ August 15th, 2024
  • Refund Schedule:

   - Applicants from March(September) to July(January)  will receive refund during the month following the application.

   - In February&August, the application deadline is on the 15th, and the deposit is expected within 1-2 weeks (schedule can be changed)


※ Unable to deposit in case of account error
Please enter an account that is currently available. ※

Items to be checked for refund

1. Check below for refund eligibility.
  [ GLS > Application / Graduation~ Management > Healthcare Center > Student Medical Checkup Refund ]
(Example screen) Who needs to apply for refund (eligible for refund)


(Example screen) Not eligible for refund

환불대상가 아닙니다

※ Inquiries about refunds:


2. Be sure to check the GLS and enter the information yourself.

Notes on Refund

  • Account under your name only!!! (Korean account only)
  • Make sure that there are no errors in the depositor and account number
  • Please enter only accounts currently available
    (excluding terminated and unused accounts / Unable to deposit in case of account error)