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Tuition Payment

 -  Enrolled students:SKKU GLS Login > Print out tuition invoice > Payment at  a local bank  or by bank transfer

  • Re-entering students: Request for re-entry > SKKU GLS Login > Print out tuition invoice > Payment at a local bank or by bank transfer
Payment Methods
  • ① Bank Transfer : To the Virtual bank account stated on the invoice (available during 09:00-16:00)
  • ② Bank Visit :  At a local bank (Woori, KB, Shinhan, NH)
  • ③ Credit Card : On the Woori Card Company website (Only Woori card is acceptable, available during 09:00-22:00)
Tuition Fee Installment
  • Application for two or four tuitino fee installments available on the GLS system
Tuition Fee Installment
  2 Installments 4 Installments
Amount of Each Installment 50% of tuition fee

1st : 1/3 of tuition fee

2nd ~ 4th: 1/3 of remaining amount

Application Period 4th week of Feb. (Aug.) 4th  week of Feb. (Aug.)
1st 1st week of Mar. (Sep.) 1st week of Mar. (Sep.)
2nd 4th week of Apr. (Oct.) 1st  week of Apr. (Oct.)
3rd - 4th  week of Apr. (Oct.)
4th - 3rd week of May (Nov.)

A student shall be subject to involuntary disenrollment due to overdue tuition fee payment if he/she does not make a payment for each installment fee in a timely manner; in this case, the paid tuition fee is not refundable. If a student wants to request a leave of absence while they are paying tuition fee installments, he/she needs to pay all of the remaining installments.

Students with full scholarship
  • Even when a student do not have any tuition fee to pay, he/she needs to finish the registration procedure. He/she can do this via 「GLS-Application-전액장학생등록신청

Extra Semester Registration

If a student does not fulfill the credit requirements for graduation by the end of a prescribed number of regular semester registrations, he/she may register for extra semesters to acquire more credits. Tuition fees for extra semesters will be charged in proportion to the number of credits registered for.

Tuition Fee Payment
  • After the completion of course registration, tuition is automatically calculated by the number of credits registered. Please print out the invoice via GLS and pay the tuition during the period which is given separately
Tuition Fee Amount to Be Paid
Tuition Fee Amount to Be Paid
Degree Eligible student Registered Credits Invoiced Amount
Undergraduate Enrolled 9 semesters or more
Dept. of Architecture(11 or more)
3 or less 1/6 of tuition fee
4~6 1/3 of tuition fee
7~9 1/2 of tuition fee
10 or more full tuition fee
General Graduate School Enrolled 5 semesters or more
Combined Master/Ph.D.(9 or more)
3 or less 1/2 of tuition fee
4 or more Full tuition fee
Professional Graduate School Enrolled 5 semesters or more
Combined Master/Ph.D.(9 or more)
Combined Master/Ph.D. at the College of Medicine(15 or more)
3 or less 1/2 of tuition fee
4 or more Full tuition fee
Special Graduate School Enrolled 6 semesters or more 3 or less 1/2 of tuition fee
4 or more Full tuition fee

Research Semester Registration

A student who has completed General Graduate School, a Ph.D. in Professional Graduate School, or a combined Master/Ph.D. course is required to register the 4 consecutive research semesters to prepare a thesis and pass the thesis submission qualifying examination.

Eligible Students
  • A student who has completed the General Graduate School, Ph.D. in the General/ Professional Graduate School, or a Master/Ph.D. combined course
Payment Period
  • Fees can be paid in the same payment period of the regular semester.
How to Pay the Fees
  • The fees need to be paid in 4 consecutive semesters. If any remains to be paid, a student is not allowed to apply for the thesis submission qualifying examination and thesis examination/defense.
  • If a student wants to pay the remaining fee for research semester at once, one should apply via GLS and transfer the amount to the designated bank account.

    Fees can be waived if you meet all of the graduation requirements before finishing the prescribed research semester registration.

    Among students who have already paid 4 consecutive times of research semester can register additional research semester if they want to maintain the status of research student. Those who are participating in national R & D projects must register for research semester.

  • Procedure: GLS – Personal – tuition – Research Semester fee Payment
Fee Installment, Loan, and Scholarship
  • The research semester registration fees are not tuition, and therefore tuition fee installment program is not available for research registration.
Course Registration During the Research Semester
  • A student who has completed his/her course is not allowed to register for another course, but they can register for one class during the research semester for the preparation of their thesis.