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Campus Life


Library Hours
Library Hours
Room Semester Vacation
Mon-Fri Sat Mon-Fri Sat
Reference Room 08:00 ~ 21:40 10:00 ~ 17:00 09:00 ~ 17:30 10:00 ~ 17:00
Reading Room Seoul

08:00~22:00(Including Sunday and Holiday)


08:00~22:00(Reading Room A,C)

09:00~21:40(Reading Room F,G)

08:00~22:00(Reading Room A,C)

09:00~17:30(Reading Room F,G)

Library Hours
  • Student ID card (or mobile student ID card) is required
  • Attach student ID card at the gate and pass after green light is turned on
  • Students must reserve an empty seat using the kiosk beforehand.
How to Connect to the Library Website

Borrowing & Returning

  • Students can borrow books at the borrowing desk with a student ID card or use the Self Borrowing & Returning Kiosk.
Status Number of books Loan Period
Undergraduate 10 15days
Graduate 20 30days
  • All materials are renewable only once, providing another patron has not requested the materials.
  • Renewals can be done through the website.
    ‘My Library-Borrowing and Renewal’
  • All borrowed books must be returned within the loan period.
  • Students are fined 100 won per day per book when overdue.
  • If you have overdue materials, you cannot borrow or reserve other materials.
Lost Books or Materials
  • If a students loses any books or materials they will be charged to replace them, including a shipping fee.