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Regular Course


Regular Course


1. Eligibility

  • 1) Hold a full-time general high school (upper secondary) diploma; or equivalent eucational qualification or higher level education
  • 2) Eighteen (18) years or older

2. Application process

  • ※ Amid or after admission review, the SLI office may ask you to submit an additional document not listed for application materials or have an interview with admission committee members. Successfully admitted students must pay the full amount of tuition charged.
  • ※ A visa supporting material, SLI admission letter, is provided to students whose level placement is decided upon a placement test result. 

  • ※ Visa application must be submitted by the student oneself to the Korean consulate or Korean Immigration Service.
Session 4 admission letter sent out July 25-August 13
  • ※ Admission letter delivery may be on hold until admitted students finish a step of admission such as original document submission. 
  • ※ Only Level 1~5 class will be opened in Suwon (Natural Science Campus) in the 1st session.
  •    Therefore, students wishing to enter must participate in the pre-level test through ZOOM.
  •    (Level placement test date: April 1st afternoon. Date may change depending on internal situation. Level placement is decided accordingly.)
  • ※ Application may be closed earlier than an announced date due to program circumstances.

3. Requirements

  • Foreigners other than Korean citizen, permanent resident, or Korean passport holder
  • Applicants whose nationality other than Chinese (include Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan) and Japanese must see the English website for admission.


  • Non-D4 applicants falling into one of the category below:
    • 1. Already holding a valid visa permitted to stay, no need of school's visa support 
    • 2. South Korean passport holder
Non-D4 Applicant must fall into one of the category or more below Application requirement
No. Name of document
01 SLI online application form              *「Pre-test」format Download
02 Passport copy

Certificate from the applicant’s finally enrolled degree program i.e. degree certificate, diploma, official transcript, certificate of enrollment 


(Currently registered foreginers' only) Copy of front and back side of alien card

  • D-4 Applicant
    • Minimum 2 session registered in need of school's visa support
D-4 Applicant Application requirement
No. Name of document
01 SLI online application form
02 Download and fill in「Pre-test」format
03 Passport copy

Certificate from the applicant’s finally enrolled degree program**  i.e. degree certificate, diploma, official transcript, certificate of enrollment 

05 Original statement of bank
  • Must hold minimum amount KRW10,000,000 or equivalent in past 30 days from application date
  • Account holder must be the applicant oneself or parents name
06 Legally issued certificate that verifies applicant's family relationship

Copy of Alien Registration Card, front and back (if registered in the past or present)


Korean sponsorship:

  • Required to applicants whose nationality is designated by Korean ministry of justice
  • SLI accepts only Korean sponsor(s) who lives in the Republic of Korea.
    1. 1) The Letter of Guarantee Letter of Guarantee[Word]
    2. 2) A copy of official ID card in the Republic of Korea
    3. 3) An original certificate of employment or a copy of business license
    4. 4) Financial statement as one of the followings:
      • (a) The original bank certificate of deposit balance
      • (b) Original withholding receipt
      • (c) Original real estate contract

**Certificate(Item#4) from non-Korean school must be certified by one of the followings:

1) Apostille

2) Consular legalization (In Korean: 영사 확인) from:

the Korean Embassy in country where a school certificate was provided; OR; 
one's country's embassy in Korea 


[Contact us]
Contact Information
Campus Language Phone e-Mail


English +82-2-760-1345
Japanese +82-2-760-1341
Chinese (simplified) +82-2-760-1341
Chinese (traditional) +82-2-760-1225


Chinese + Japanese + English +82-31-290-5522



4. Admission Policy

  • 1. Additional requirements or an interview may be required upon the SLI Admission Committee's decision.
  • 2. The SLI office reserves a right to cancel admission or reject the application if any application supporting material turns out to be forged or unauthentic, with no tuition refund. This is still applicable for admitted students who have started studying at SLI.
  • 3. Supporting document in application written in foreign language other than English needs to be translated into English. 
  • 4. School records must be all certified by one of the followings:
  •    ♦ Apostille          *What's Apostille?
  •    Legalization service provided from a consulate (In Korean: 영사 확인)
  • 5. Materials submitted to the SLI shall NOT be returned.
  • 6. SLI's admission letter does not guarantee students' visa approval from the Korean consulate or Immigration Service. We refund tuition to a student who receive disapproval in visa application. 
  • 7. Students' attendance is the most critical issues for their stay. If the attendance rate of a student is lower than 80%, his or her visa will be automatically canceled and reported to the Korean Immigration Office.

5. Tuition and Fees

Contact Information
Application fee


(Seoul campus)


(Suwon campus)


KRW1,700,000 KRW1,400,000


  • 1) Field trip cost is included in tuition.
  • 2) Our non-refundable application fee is for new student only.
  • 3) Textbook cost is not included.



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