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Regular Course

Academic Policy

Regular Course

Academic Policy

Ⅰ. Assessment and Completion Requirements

  • 1. Grading policy for the Regular Korean Program is as below.
    Grading policy for the Regular Korean Program table
    Assessment Midterm (40%) Final exam (40%) Assignment Participation Total
    Test Writing I
    Speaking I
    Test Writing II
    Speaking II
    Application 30% 10% 30% 10% 10% 10% 100%
  • 2. Students must accomplish minimum attendance rate of 80% to complete a level.
  • 3. Students must acquire minimum score of 70 for both Writing and Speaking to complete a level.
  • 4. Students must satisfy above qualification of ‘2’ and ‘3’ to complete a level.
  • 5. Students who complete levels 1 to 5 are awarded a certificate of level completion for the corresponding level; those who complete level 6 are awarded a certificate of course completion.

Ⅱ. Attendance

  • 1. Attendance rate of a session is a ratio of a student’s attended hours to cumulated class hours.
  • 2. Three tardiness counts as one absence.
  • 3. Absence caused by one of following cases is acknowledged as attendance if the student submits an authentic evidential documents.
    • a. Getting medical treatment or being hospitalized due to disease or accident(Excludes beauty treatments)
    • b. Family events related to the student and/or their immediate family
    • c. Participating in official activities hosted by a sponsor organization (Scholarship student only)
    • d. Natural disasters

Ⅲ. Failure and Re-enrollment

  • 1. Students who fail to fulfill level completion requirement stated in I-2) are unable to move onto the next level and will only receive a report card.
  • 2. Students whose attendance rate is below 60% are ineligible to continue into or re-enroll for the next session.
  • 3. Students who accumulate 3 fails in the same level are ineligible to continue into or re-enroll for the next session.
  • 4. Students in above case of ‘2’ or ‘3’ are able to re-apply after a respite of successive 2 sessions. These students must take a placement test again when they return.
  • 5. Students expelled as set forth ‘Dismissal’ are ineligible for re-application.

Ⅳ. Dismissal

  • 1. As per the Korean Immigration Law, students who commit an unexcused absence for successive 10 days or more are dismissed from the program and reported to the Korea Immigration Service.
  • 2. Students who result in any of following may be dismissed from the program after a SLI academic committee’s deliberation. The dismissed students are ineligible for re-application.
    • a. Two accumulated warnings from Sungkyun Language Institute for misbehaviors causing disturbance during class
    • b. Part-time or full-time work against law and purpose of visa
    • c. Verbal/non-verbal violence, use of drugs, mental or physical harassment to others
    • d. Any violation to Korean Law