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My main interests lie in commutative algebra. The basic object I study is a commutative Noetherian ring R. I have worked on concern the structure of various algebras associated with an ideal (especially the Rees algebra, R[It], and the associated graded ring), Cohen-Macaulay rings, Gorenstein rings, regular rings, and the integral closure of ideals.

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Topics in Financial Mathematics like Credir Risk Analysis and Pricing of financial market instruments are mainly included in my research interests and applications of stochastic analysis to Bio-science are also important parts of my research field. The development of numerical methods and algorithms to improve accuracy and speed of convergence established theoretically in the procedure of research investigation can be added for opulent and fruitful study results.

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My research interests are nonlinear eigenvalue problems including bifurcation theory, applications to elliptic boundary value problems involving the p-Laplacian in a bounded or unbounded domain. Recently we are concerned with semi-linear equations with symmetric or non-symmetric linear part, where the method is to use the degree theory for appropriate classes of nonlinear operators.

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A Role of Annexins and Phospholipase A2 in the Regulation of Insulin SecretionAnnexins are a superfamily of proteins that are expressed in the majority of mammalian cells as well as molds and plants. A notable characteristic of all the members is that they bind to phospholipids in a Ca2+-dependent manner. Various annexins play a regulatory role in the exocytosis of secretory vesicles in adrenal chromaffin cells, anterior pituitary cells, and pancreatic ?cells. In these cells, intracellulaf annexins play a role in the regulation of exocysis of secretory vesicles. However, the regulatory mechanisms of intracellular annexin I on the secretory machinery have yet to be fully explained.The phopholipase A2 (PLA2, phosphatide 2-acylhydrolase, EC is a superfamily of distinct enzymes that catalyze specifically the hydrolysis of the sn-2 eter bond of phospholipids to yield free fatty acids and lysophospholipids. PLA2 enzymes have been implicated to play a role in various cellular processes and responses such as phospholipid digestion and metabolism, membrane remoldelling, host defense, differentiation, mitogenesis, exocytosis, and cytotoxicity.We currently investigate the regulatory mechanisms of annexins and phospholipase A2 on the insulin secretion in pancreatic islets and insulimona cells to gain an insight into its mode of action.

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My research interests are threefold: (1) Theoretical study on the electronic structure of molecules: Development of efficient quantum mechanical methods, e.g. the effective valence shell Hamiltonian formalism, and applications of quasidegenerate many-body perturbation theory to molecular systems. (2) Theoretical study on the dissociation dynamics of small molecules: Development of new simple quantum mechanical method for the dissociation process of van der Waals bonds, and applications of the self-consistent-field theory to molecular vibrations. Theoretical study on finding supersymmetric chemical systems and on supersymmetry related relativistic quantum mechanics.

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Electrochemical biosensors based on conducting polymer microstructures Electrochemical ion separation with a conducting polymer modified porous membrane Study molecular insulation layer for molecular devices Development of recycling process of rare resources from discarding LCD Sensor materials detecting industrial hazard leaks inducing a fatal wound

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Dark Energy, Alternatives to Einstein’s General Relativity, Gravity theory with Extra Dimensions, Conformal Symmetry and Gravity, Finsler Geometry

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Design of new asymmetric reactions and their synthetic applications: i. Asymmetric catalysis ii. Asymmetric carbonyl additions iii. Natural products synthesis

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Male Reproduction

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Our research group is currently interested in organometallic compounds of late transition metals, coordination polymers, flame-retardant inorganic materials, and MOCVD sources.

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My research interest is focused on the understanding the role of polyamines in the cell using E. coli as a model system. Elucidation of the role of polyamines in global gene expression is my major research interest. Identification of genes regulated by polyamines and uncovering underlying mechanisms of the polyamine-dependent gene regulation is the areas of study at present time. My research interest also extends to E. coli host development for production of biotech products by genetic engineering. Metabolic engineering of E. coli in particular modification of the inherited physiology of the host strain for enhanced product productivity is my major interest.

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Condensed-matter physics, Metamaterials

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The current research focus is on the modulators of cytokine signaling (SOCS) action to control inflammation and tumor progression using in vitro and in vivo model systems

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Differential Geometry

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My research interests are high energy particle physics and neutrino physics. CMS experiment at CERN in Switzerland since 2000 for high energy particle physics (Top physics, Higgs, SUSY, extra dimension, mini black hole, dark matter searches etc) Super-Kamiokande experiment at Kamioka in Japan since 2002 for neutrino physics (Solar neutrino, atmospheric neutrino, super nova, proton decay searches etc) Belle experiment at KEK in Japan since 1997 for B meson physics (CP violation, B meson decays) RENO experiment at Yeonggwang in Korea since 2006 for reactor neutrino physics (Neutrino oscillation study)