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Interdisciplinary Info Design

For more details on the courses, please refer to the Course Catalog

Code Course Title Credit Learning Time Division Degree Grade Note Language Availability
CHS7002 Machine Learning and Deep Learning 3 6 Major Bachelor/Master/Doctor Challenge Semester - No
This course covers the basic machine learning algorithms and practices. The algorithms in the lectures include linear classification, linear regression, decision trees, support vector machines, multilayer perceptrons, and convolutional neural networks, and related python pratices are also provided. It is expected for students to have basic knowledge on calculus, linear algebra, probability and statistics, and python literacy.
CHS7003 Artificial Intelligence Application 3 6 Major Bachelor/Master/Doctor Challenge Semester - No
Cs231n, an open course at Stanford University, is one of the most popular open courses on image recognition and deep learning. This class uses the MOOC content which is cs231n of Stanford University with a flipped class way.  This class requires basic undergraduate knowledge of mathematics (linear algebra, calculus, probability/statistics) and basic Python-based coding skills. The specific progress and activities of the class are as follows. 1) Listening to On-line Lectures (led by learners) 2) On-line lecture (English) Organize individual notes about what you listen to 3) On-line lecture (English) QnA discussion about what was listened to (learned by the learner) 4) QnA-based Instructor-led Off-line Lecture (Korean) Lecturer 5) Team Supplementary Presentation (Learner-led)   For each topic, learn using the above mentioned steps from 1) to 5). The grades are absolute based on each activity, assignment, midterm exam and final project.   Class contents are as follows. - Introduction Image Classification Loss Function & Optimization (Assignment # 1) - Introduction to Neural Networks - Convolutional Neural Networks (Assignment # 2) - Training Neural Networks - Deep Learning Hardware and Software - CNN Architectures-Recurrent Neural Networks (Assignment # 3) - Detection and Segmentation - Generative Models - Visualizing and Understanding - Deep Reinforcement Learning - Final Project.   This class will cover the deep learning method related to image recognitio
COV7001 Academic Writing and Research Ethics 1 1 2 Major Master/Doctor SKKU Institute for Convergence Korean Yes
1) Learn the basic structure of academic paper writing, and obtain the ability to compose academic paper writing. 2) Learn the skills to express scientific data in English and to be able to sumit research paper in the international journals. 3) Learn research ethics in conducting science and writing academic papers.
DES5016 Environmental Design Seminar 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 Design Korean Yes
This course is study of the relationship between the principle of spartial structure and the supportive image expressed. Particular attention is given to aesthetic aspects including appropriateness of spaces details.
DES5019 Special Theory of Environmental Design 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 Design - No
This is an applied course in which concept of indoor/outdoor spartial design are developed to advanced application of design technology in structure, materials, form through the examination of space types.
DES5064 Case Study of Design Management Strategy 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 Design Korean Yes
Case Study of Product and Creative Strategy thru Design Management by Samsung Design Management Center.
DES5065 Design Intellectual Property Rights 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 Design Korean Yes
Offer on and off line Design Intellectual Property contents by an agreement with a International Intellectual Property Rights researcher from the Korean Intellectual Property Office.
DES5083 Creative Design Thinking 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 Design Korean Yes
This class will be analysis Creative itself and practice of trans-media method which are able to explore the innovative solution. After this class students will know how to approach and prepare with Design Thinking for the Consumer goods.
FDM5072 Seminar in Fashion Marketing Strategy 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 Fashion Design - No
This course integrates fashion marketing concepts and application to current situations in the fashion business in order to predict fashion marketing strategy.
FDM5075 Seminar in Fashion Distribution strategy 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 Fashion Design - No
This course is designed to introduce students with a strategy of Fashion Distribution. Major topics of this course are distribution environment, distribution channel, trading area analysis, channel conflict and logistics in fashion business
IID5001 Understanding Design & Big Data 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 Korean Yes
Learn the concept and theoretical framework of big data and focus on learning use cases. To do this, acquire the statistical theory needed to handle big data and (R) develop the ability to leverage design-related social data through real-world data analysis using big data-related statistical packages.
IID5002 Seminar in Design Communication and Network Theory 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 - No
The aim is to explore the understanding of the characteristics of hyperconnected societies that have been accelerating since the digital age, human-centered design based on network theory and interrelationships in communication. To this end, I learned network theory and analysis method through connection to acquire insight and analysis ability about design communication within connected network.
IID5003 Big Data Analysis and Visualization 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 - No
Learn theories and methods to logically understand consumer needs through big data analysis using Amazon or Microsoft's data commercial tools.
IID5004 Data Based Design Practice 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 Korean Yes
Practicing using unstructured data obtained by analyzing big data, such as consumer needs and behavioral patterns, rather than data through real-time surveys.
IID5005 Data Science for Designer 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-4 - No
The goal is to develop a basic understanding of the basic concepts of data science that designers must know and a basic ability to analyze practical data. To learn the process of gathering, analyzing, and processing data on their behavior, experience, etc. by focusing on real users at the center of their design strategy.