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Creative Study Group

What is the "Creative Study Group"?

The 'Creative Study Group' is a self-made community organized among freshmen in the University College to study together for one semester

  • 1st semester : Organize a team with the LC group
  • 2nd semester : Organize a team regardless of LC group

Over 90% of LC and almost 2,000 students are participating in this study group every year


  • Learning Theme
    • Basic subjects of liberal arts, student's major, foreign languages, current affairs, reading seminar, etc.
    • Tutors can be assigned to guide freshmen's study, only in liberal arts & basic subjects.


  • Qualification for Application
    • First-year students of University College


  • Application Period
    • At the beginning of every semester


  • Learning Period
    • Two hours a week, seven or more times during the semester


  • Subsidy
    • ₩100,000 won for each team
    • Receipt( of meal, textbook, copy, etc.) needs to be handed in


  • Application Procedure
    • A group/team with 5~7 students. The group/team should elect a leader
    • Make a study plan and fill in an application form
    • Submit using <GLS letter-writing program> to a SungKyun Mentor or visiting the mentor office


  • Study Management
    • Self-activity with their leader
    • SungKyun Mentor will be monitoring the progress and guiding the students
    • Best activity group will be chosen by result report and be shared as a representative case


  • Tutor
    • Tutor has to be sophomore or over who has received excellent grades in the subject being studied
    • Provide tutor activity subsidy (undergraduate student: 150,000won, graduate student: 200,000won)


  • Contact
    • Humanities & Social Sciences Campus: 02-760-0772~0774
    • Natural Sciences Campus: 031-299-4216, 4217, 4219


  • Exemplary Movie Clip
    • Humanities and Social Sciences Campus ▶ Click Here
      Social Sciences Sector: Jin Hyo Eun (LC: S18)
    • Natural Sciences Campus
      Natural Science Sector: Joo Min Gyu (LC: N16) ▶ Click Here