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Mission & Vision


  • To develop a personality that combines rationality, responsibility and morality
  • To develop communication skills based on critical thinking
  • To encourage the spirit of community that is an essential requirement for leadership qualities
  • To cultivate comprehensive and creative thinking skills
  • To cultivate the skills and qualities that can actively respond to a global environmental and pluralistic society
  • To acquire interdisciplinary knowledge including various academic factors
  • To develop a basic learning ability and broad basic knowledge
  • To have expert knowledge of and can act with intellectual excellence in their area of expertise



Fostering Global Creative Leader

Character Training
Exaltation of true spirit culture Internalizing value of harmony
Cultivation of Sungkyun Core Competency
Communication + Humanities + Academics + Global + Creativity + Software
  1. Diffusion of Ability based General Arts Curriculum Model
  2. Diffusion of Character Traning Model
  3. Upgrading BSM & Global Education
  4. Duffusion of Korea FYE Model
  5. Duffusion of SKKU University College Model