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Campus Life

Campus Facilities

Campus Life

Campus Facilities

1. Central Library

  • Students of SLI are able to access the campus library facilities, including access, using PCs, and checking out the books.
  • Maximum 10 books due in 15 days at a time


2. Campus Healthcare Center

  • Students of SLI are able to use Healthcare Center on campus.
  • University’s Health Center offers services in early detection of diseases, treatment and treatment placement, health counseling, student health checkup and etc.


Head Location During Semester
(Mar-June, Sep-Dec)

During Vacation

(Jul-Aug, Jan-Feb)

Humanities and Social Sciences Campus(Seoul) 2nd floor of Student Center
09:00~20:00 09:00~17:30
Natural Sciences Campus(Suwon) 2nd floor of Shops & Services Center
09:00~17:30 09:00~17:30


3. Post Office/Bank

Facility Campus Location Phone Open Hours
Post Office Seoul Campus 600th Anniv. Hall B1 02-740-1900 9:00-18:00
Woori Bank Seoul Campus Jongno-gu Sungkyunkwan-ro 25-1 Yurim Center 1F 02-766-5329 9:00-16:00
Suwon Campus Shops & Services Center  2F 031-293-7091