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Academic Guideline

Educational Goals

  • Global Perspective - Cultivating basic global abilities to produce students with a good command of English and international manners through various cultural experiences
  • Technical Professionalism - Developing professionalism of the nano-technology field to nurture leaders who possess practical business experiences and profound theoretical knowledge about basic science and applied technology in the nano arena
  • In-Depth Knowledge & Integration Capability - Fostering specialized Knowledge and integrated ability to train global leaders of next generation who possess creative problem-solving abilities with expert knowledge in nanotechnology

We Produce

  • Creative talents who can play the role as the next generation’s global leader possessing international competitive power with professionalism and insight in the same field
  • Global leaders who can lead the nation's future key industry with the ability to apply forefront theory to practical business

Major in Nanoscience

Educational goals and competent talents of Nanoscience department
  • Educational goals
    • Education that builds excellent character and international basic abilities
    • Education that aims for scientific investigation contributing to mankind and society
    • Education that produces global leaders preparing the future by ingenious thought and challenging spirit
  • We Produce..
    • Leaders who seek healthy values and expert knowledge
    • Leaders who pursue truths of science in nano with creative insight
    • Leaders who play the role as a responsible global leader with the practical knowledge
  • Goals of study course
    • Enlarging basic knowledge of nano science : Acquiring necessary basic principles and theoretical knowledge to make the creative R&D in Nano-science field
    • Developing practical business capability in one's major : Cultivating practical knowledge about their major which can be used in the actual industry after graduation, by learning various academic knowledges systematically
    • Cultivating communicational skills and leadership : Producing global leaders with leadership and communicational skills for presenting one's intention clearly through English discussion classes

Guidance and Introduction of Nanoscience Department

  • Due to its specific academic character, nanotechnology needs interdisciplinary cooperation among various academic fields. We aim to produce the next generation's global leader with creativity and challenging spirit in nanotechnology; prossesses the world-class faculty of basic academic fields such as physics, chemistry, biology, and medical science etc., as well as provide the most advanced teaching, research facilities. On the basis of human and material resources,we will try to make every effort to advance into one of the best international teaching and research institutes.