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2022 2022.02 Establishing a Scholarship Program with SK on Co. Ltd.
2022.01 Industry-Academia Research Collaboration with ENPlus co. ltd.
2021 2021.12 CNS Research center and FabLab contruction began
2021.11 Industry-Academia Research Collaboration with Kyungshin Holdings co. ltd.
2021.07 Technology Transfer and Industry-Academia Research Collaboration with DAEJIN co. ltd.
2020 2020.08 The Opening of Quantum Information Research Support Center
2020.05 Transferring Advanced Center for Convergent Energy Storage System
2020.01 SAINT has been chosen as part of BK21PLUS project (Education Research Group for Nano-Convergence Based Advanced Materials)
2019 2019.12 SAINT has been chosen as an institute offering military service exemption
2019.06 The Inauguration of Samsung SDI-SKKU Secondary Battery Center
2019.03 The Inauguration of Undergraduate: Department of Nano Engineering
2019.02 The Inauguration of SKKU Quantum Information Center
2018 2018.12 Received 'S level' by GPA (Graduate Program Accreditation)
2018.06 The Inauguration of SAINT Alumni Association
2017 2017.08 SAINT 7th President Tsuneya Ando
2016 2016.09 RPGR (Recent Progress in Graphene Research) 2016
2016.01 Opening of the NANO Center For Lab to Market
2015 2015.06 SKKU-NANOTEC Joint Workshop
2015.01 Orientation for the graduate school freshmen
2014 2014.04 The Inauguration of SABIC (Saudi Basic Industries Corporation) Research Center
2014.01 Orientation for the freshmen
2013 2013.08 BK21+ Selection
2013.03 Prof Michael Graetzel appinted as the SAINT 2nd President
2013.01 Orientation for the freshmen
2012 2012.03 SKKU Global Top 10
2012.01 Orientation for the freshmen
2011 2011.10 Kyoto University-SKKU Joint International Seminar
2011.01 Orientation for the freshmen
2010 2010.12 SKKU-SNU Joint INT Seminar
2010.11 The Opening of Samsung SKKU Graphene Center (SSGC)
2010.10 Kyoto University-SKKU Joint International Seminar
2010.04 SAINT-HINT Workshop
2010.03 Selected for the Industrial Strategic Technology Development Program
2010.01 Orientation for the freshmen
2009 2009.12 SKKU-SNU Joint INT Seminar
2009.12 The Opening of SMD OLED Center
2009.10 Kyoto University-SKKU Joint International Seminar
2009.04 SAINT-HINT Workshop
2009.03 Selected as Industrial Strategic Technology Development Program
2009.01 Orientation for the freshmen
2008 2008.11 The Opening of National Core Research Center (NCRC)
Establishing Center for Human Interface Nano Technology
2008.09 Journal Nano received International Journal Impact Factor 1.11 (Thomson Reuters)
2008.08 SAINT had been Selected as National Core Research Center (NCRC)
2008.05 The Opening of Gyeonggi-do Regional Research Center (GRRC)
Establishing Center for Eco-Friendly sustainable Technology for Automobile.
2008.02 SAINT-SAIT 4th Year Research Collaboration Agreement
2008.01 Orientation for the freshmen
2008.01 Research training course in AIST
2007 2007.10 SAINT Symposium 2008
2007.09 Holding the 2nd International Conference on Nanoscale Materials and Engineering (ICNME)
2007.08 SAINT participates in NANO KOREA 2008
2007.04 Sumio Iijima Lab. Plate Board-Hanging and Scholarship Awards Ceremony
2007.03 International Journal, Nano is included in the Lists of SCIE
2007.02 SAINT-SAIT 3rd Year Research Collaboration Agreement
2007.02 First Conferment of Graduate Degees to the Graduate School of Nano Science and Technology students
2007.01 Research training course at AIST
2006 2006.07 Publication of the first issue of the International Journal, "Nano"
2006.07 Research training course at AIST
2006.03 Establishment of Graduate school of Nano Science and Technology
2006.03 The ceremony for the completion of Research Complex 2
2006.03 SAINT-SAIT 1st Year Research Collaboration Agreement
2006.02 SAINT International Workshop on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (IWNN) 2006 Conference
2004 2004.11 The ceremony for laying the cornerstone of Research Complex 2
2004.03 Organizing the SAINT establishment committee
2003 2003.10 Launching the Samsung-SKKU joint research projects: Organizing TF team
2003.08 Establishing Vision 2010+ : the complemented version of Vision 2010
(the core project : Establishing world best Nano Technology institute)
2003.01 SKKU consulted by Bain & Company (Focusing on "Nano Technology" discipline)