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Courses in International Language

Courses in International Language
Category Course Name Credit (Hr)
Character The Analects of Confucius (Eng/ Chinese) 2 (2)
Leadership Activity-Based Leadership 2 (2)
Communication Creative Writing
Academic Writing
2 (3)
Creativity & Reasoning Semiotic Logic
Mathematical Thinking
2 (2)
Basic English English Writing
English Presentation
2 (3)
Professional English Current English
English for Law
Business English
English for Science
English for Arts & Literature
Sports English
Advanced English Writing
Debate in English
2 (2)
Global Culture Interdependent World and Global Perspectives
Globalization & China of 21st Century (Chinese)
European Society and Culture
Cultures of Globalization
The Thoughts & Culture in the Area of Indian Civilization
The Social Life & Culture in the Spanish-Speaking Regions
The Thoughts & Culture of Islamic World
Understanding Modern Chinese Society
Korean Society in East Asia
Understanding Central Asia and Mongol
Human Rights and Equality in Modern Society
American Society and the Law
2 (2)
Understanding of Humanities/ Culture East Asia in Literature
East Asian Art & Culture
Understanding Opera
3 (3)
Understanding of Society/ History History of Daily Life
Western History and Civilization
Engineering Economy
History and Culture of East Asia
Contemporary East Asian Politics and Economy
Political Issues in Contemporary Korean Politics
3 (3)
Understanding of Nature/ Science/ Technology Chemistry in Everyday Life
The Philosophy of Technology
Science of Cancer
Human and Natural Environment
Climate and Culture
3 (3)
Basic Humanities-Social Science Introduction to Historiography
Introduction to Philosophy
Introduction to Political Science
Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Sociology
Elementary Economics
3 (3)
Basic Science-Mathematics Calculus 1 / Calculus 2
Linear Algebra
Engineering Mathematics 1 / Engineering Mathematics 2
Discrete Mathematics
General Physics 1 / General Physics Laboratory 1
General Physics 2 / General Physics Laboratory 2
General Chemistry 1 / General Chemistry Laboratory 1
General Chemistry 2 / General Chemistry Laboratory 2
Biological Science I / Biological Science Laboratory I
Biological science II / Biological Science Laboratory II
Honor Calculus 1 / Honor Calculus Ⅱ
Advanced General Physics I / Advanced General Physics II
Advanced General Biology 1 / Advanced General Biology Ⅱ
Probability and Statistics
Basis and Practice in Programming
Computer Programming for Engineers
Calculus Laboratory 1 /Calculus Laboratory 2
3 (3)
Experiment :
1 (2)