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Study Abroad @ SKKU

Experience SKKU!

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[Experience SKKU] is a brand name that encompasses various international student mobility (inbound) programs that the International Affairs, each College, and other educational units offer to international students.

The College of Science's Office will be happy to answer your questions regarding the programs listed below.



Exchange Student Program

The Student Exchange Program is for the students coming to SKKU College of Science from universities or institutions which have a valid student exchange agreement with SSKU. Typically, the program is administered on a semester basis, and tuition fees at SKKU are waived, therefore incoming students do not have to pay tuition fees to SKKU but their home university shall collect the fees instead. Conditions of each student exchange program may vary depending on the programs, so please check with your home institution and candidate foreign institution in advance.



Visiting Student Program

The visiting student program aims to provide study abroad opportunities to international students who want to be a part of SKKU for one or two semesters by paying tuition fees. The annual tuition fee for the visiting student program is approximately 4,000 USD per semester. The invited students will enjoy the same rights and privileges as our students do for study, research, and on-campus living.



Laboratory Internship

Students can join our laboratory internship programs if their major interests lie in conducting research with our scholars. Even if we do not organize a structured laboratory internship program, our faculty members will be pleased to invite foreign students with passion for hands-on research experiences, strong interest in intellectual challenges, solid research capability, and openness to new cultures.


It is advised that you contact us or relevant faculty members to see if you can find the right match, which is key to the success of laboratory experience. Internships do not necessarily have to be independent of coursework; it is also conceivable to combine coursework and an internship during the regular exchange semester.



Other Opportunities

There are a number of other opportunities for studying at Sungkyunkwan University, such as the SKKU International Summer Semester and our Korean Language Program. Please contact the College of Science and we will help you to communicate with the right office.


Required Documents

Generally, applicants are required to hand in a set of the following documentations to the College of Science; the list of required documents is likely to vary depending on the programs.


  • Legitimate photograph
  • Valid passport with personal identification page
  • Certificate of enrollment for the degree an applicant is currently seeking
  • Academic transcript with cumulative records until the time of application
  • Participation Agreement: downloadable at the online application website
  • Certificate of Insurance


HI-Club & MAPLE: Your First Friends at SKKU
HI-Club logo

The SKKU International Affairs and the GSN HI-Club, a student group that supports the university’s international engagement, provides a buddy program called SG MAPLE, or SKKU Global Mentoring and Assisting PeoPLE.


The GSN HI-Club is responsible for carrying out and monitoring this buddy program where international exchange and other students are able to experience Korean language, culture and living, as well as having the opportunity to make Korean friends naturally. International students invited by the College of Science will also be included.