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Department of Applied Data Science



Department of Applied Data Science is a transdisciplinary education and research institute related to big data and artificial intelligence necessary in the era of the 4th industrial revolution. It goes beyond the limits of existing individualized research, and incumbents from various companies work together to create objective and reliable solutions to social problems. It aims to create a solution.



Educational Objective

  • Establishing a graduate school education system through industry-academia cooperation to nurture practical experts
  • Nurturing DATA SCIENTIST experts through the latest theoretical lectures
  • Creating convergence synergy through lectures and practices in various fields such as AI machine learning, platform/security, mathematics/statistics, data mining, management, finance, medical and bio, industrial/manufacturing/robot, etc.




  • Strengthening the capacity of incumbents
    • Strengthening the capacity of field incumbents for research and development
    • Establishment of customized academic schedule and curriculum operation method for incumbents
  • Latest theory practical experience
    • The latest theory on data analysis based on AI and big data
    • Practice-oriented education through lectures involving practitioners in related fields
  • Industry-University Cooperation Curriculum
    • Operation of curriculum through establishment of industry-university cooperation system with Samsung SDS, multi-campus, etc.
      (Joint operation of curriculum, invited lectures, SW utilization, etc.)



After graduation

  • Artificial intelligence field: portal sites such as Naver and Daum, telecommunications companies such as Kakao, Samsung Electronics, SKT, and KT, companies specializing in artificial intelligence (Vuno, Lunit), overseas companies such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook
  • Data analysis field: credit card companies, research institutes, big data consulting companies, etc.




  • Scholarship: Simsan Scholarship, Data Science Department Scholarship
  • benefit : Awards for best track