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Department of Computer Science

Leader of the Software Age
Department of Computere Science


In order to nurture creative talents that lead the age of software and to secure global research capability, the university operates the Department of Computer Science in the undergraduate program. The departments maximize synergy by offering a proprietary curriculum to foster talents in the fields of software and computer engieering as well as providing integrated courses for overlapping areas.


The Department of Computer Science is equipped with various state-of-the art education facilities and provides courses on basic theories and key technologies on computer engineering and Software. And various projects and internships are offered to the students so that they can burnish their application capability and job skills. Overseas study and international exchange programs are available to help students strengthen their global capabilities.


The faculty members are very active in research on computer engineering and they are actively releasing their results on academic papers and international symposia. We are among the Global Top 100 universities in terms of education/research and we are continuously exerting our utmost to make an entry into the Global Top 50.