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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (Jointy Managed)



Currently, the department is leading among the peer computer engineering schools in the nation. Recent graduates of the department have been accepted as key engineers in industry corporations, researchers in many research centers, and scholars and educators in many prominent universities. Moreover, their research papers have been presented in many conferences and journals, and are becoming related work of intellectuals in relevant areas.


The excellence of the department has been acknowledged widely. Accordingly being accredited with research achievements in various areas, the department has been nominated as a center for Advanced IT Human Resource Development, supported by Brain Korea 21 Project of the Ministry of Education & Human Resources Development (Currently the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology).


The faculty members are actively engaged in industrial research projects, some of which are funded by many corporations. From these projects, the faculty members were able to exercise new ideas from research ahead of its impact in the information and communication technology industry, and can publish numerous research results which will be recognized globally.



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