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Department of AI system Engineering


Educational Objectives

Department of Superintelligence
  • Develop technologies to create "Super Sapiens"
  • Prepare for the next stage of neural engineering and artficial intelligence
  • Produce future technology leaders vy focusing research and education


About the

  • Founded with Korean goverment support in 2020
    • Goverment fund is supported three billion dollars a year.
    • Develop new technologies
    • Secure a base for stable management by school & enterprise assistance.
  • Pioneering the post-AI world leading research through superintelligence technology
    • Pushing the boundaries based on self-motivation and bidirectional interaction with faculty
    • Open platform for research and education
  • Convergence education by ICT and medical technologies experts
    • Participation of world-class research team and faculty members



Support Program

  • Provide best research and educational environment
  • The use of educational facilites and spaces
  • Provide the opportunity to execute coppoerative study with international research institution
  • Full tuition scholarship: provides the fund supported by goverment


Career Plans

  • Employment in Al, SW field
  • Launching startups
  • Futher scholastic research