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Department of Computer Science and Engineering


We Foster Creative Professionals
SKKU Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering Department
The Department of Computer Science and Engineering has established a world-class talent development model for the software field to foster professionals that are knowledgeable, creative and have an unyielding challenging spirit to generate new value as global leaders that could contribute to humanity.



Developing global leaders

  • We encourage the students to familiarize themselves with the global culture and the technological development environment and further their careers into global companies or research institutes at home or abroad



Strong theoretical foundation and job skills

  • We provide intensive education on practical matters for a graduate student from choosing a these topic, qualification, furthering studies to finding a job.



Development of Job Skills

  • We help our students development their job skills by holding special seminars and offering internship programs



Development of Convergence-based Talents

  • We develop professinals who have a deep understanding on their fields of expertise and th ability to converge such knowledge





  • Intership(Beginning with the Class of 2017) 

  · Conduct internships in private companies, research centers, and laboratories established by the University.

  · Intern at a company during the semester for IT and SW training, earning an assessment of 60 or higher

  · Combine competencies and develop hands-on talent


  • Collaborative projects(Beginning with the Class of 2017)

  · Mandatory participation in and execution of an academic project starting in the second year (3rd semester)

  · Gain field-focused expertise, enhance industry adaptability and research capabilities


  • 10,000 Line Project(Beginning with the Class of 2022)

  · Work on projects to analyze and fix open source software of 10,000 lines or more.