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About Us

Dean's Message


We're a university with a long tradition.

Our university has 623 years of history after its establishment, and has produced approximately 250,000 alumni after founding of modern Sungkyunkwan University in 1946. It has been having many parallels with Korea’s prosperity and development. 



We're a university that makes a new leap forward.

Our university is not complacent with its long history and tradition, but through excruciating efforts made by all of its members including students, professors, employees, and foundation, etc., it has been placed in 122th place in THE (Times Higher Education) World University Rankings (18th place in Asian University Rankings), and 3rd place in The Joongang Ilbo’s Korean University Rankings.




We're a university with high satisfication.

What our university thinks as most important among various other types of rankings is the emotional sensibility index such as our members’ sense of pride and satisfaction towards our university, and in National Customer Satisfaction Index (NCSI) survey which reflected this index and announced by the Korea Productivity Center, we have taken the 1st place ranking in the field of a national private university for 15 years in a row until 2021.



We’re a university with a cutting-edge competitiveness.

Our university is receiving almost all large-scale national representative projects. We’re proceeding with numerous national projects such as SW Centric University Phase 2 Project, BK Project, Graduate School of Artificial Intelligence, Global Core Manpower Training Project, and Talent Training Project, etc. as well as most industry-university projects conducted with corporations. These projects cannot proceed without the best teamwork and competitiveness.



We’re a university that puts emphasis on on-site experience and practices.

Our university has been designating internships at corporations as the graduation requirement since 2017 and allows almost all of our students (approximately 19 corporations and 140 students have participated in 2022) to participate in industry-university projects that are proceeded on a yearly basis. We’re guiding our students in their 2nd year to recognize the requirements and situations of business sites and reflect those requirements in their own academic plans. In Software Complex newly established in 2022, we have created Software Workshop, AR and VR studios, Co-working Space, and Creative Studio, etc. to provide spaces for cutting-edge practices where the students can participate in training and practices for each of them.


We’re an advancing university that promotes convergence and global competitiveness.

Our university which started its journey from Information Engineering Department in 1982 has been expanded and reorganized as a software university in 2015 and College of Computing and Informatics in 2021. It is a large-scale organization consisting of approximately 2,600 undergraduates, 700 graduate school students, and 100 professors in university organizations made of the Software Department and the School of Convergence, and 11 university programs. Through this, we’re providing various opportunities for convergence and consilience.



We’re a university of respect that prioritizes communication and consideration.

Benevolence, righteousness, propriety, and wisdom are our university’s spiritual motto and a model of behavior that we promote. We’re trying to prioritize the organization, consider others, and train cool-headed and yet warm-hearted talents. Students who pursue only academic excellence are not the target of our education. The right people needed in this era are those warm-hearted capable persons who could communicate and cooperate with others.

Our objective is to become a university where students, professors, and employees communicate with each other, that considers its surroundings, and that respects people who stick to the basics. Please show us redoubled interest and support for our university to develop towards a higher objective.


기관장 싸인
The Dean of College of Computing and InformaticsLee, Eun Seok