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Dreaming of Leading the Way of the Future of Software

The College of Computing and Informatics has outstanding faculty and state-of-the-art facility as well as equipment for hands-on experience, which is used for the best-in-class education and research in Korea. In addition to education on basic science and engineering, which serve as the foundation for SOFTWARE, Industry-University programs are offered to improve application capability and job skills. Also, international programs are in place to provide the aspiring students with the opportunity to become creative global leaders. Based on this educational foundation, the number of globally acclaimed academic papers is increasing and being acknowledge domestically as well as internationally. Professors in their respective fields are continuously conducting creative and innovative research and are actively presenting their research results in international journals and symposia.



Image of qualified students in the College of Computing and Informatics

  • Image of qualified students in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering: SW-AI Engineer Developing SW-AI Core Technologies Based on SW-Core and AI-Core
  • Image of qualified students in School of Convergence: AI-Powered Designer/Manager who experiences various domains of the Forth Industrial Revolution and can apply AI to each domain
  • Image of qualified all students in SKKU: AI-Assisted Domain Expert who can apply AI to their major
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