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Mission & Vision


College of Biotechnology and Bioengineering declare a vision and mission to definitize our objectives of education. To provide the educational concept of basic biotechnology and bioengineering techniques and hands-on experiences, we will be a 'leading biotechnology university among major research universities by effectively integrating 3 factors: learning, discovery, and engagement'.





To direct educational objectives into the right path and progress more towards achieving our vision, We will:

  • Reinforce ties between education and industry, to enhance research efficiency and to maximize the proficiency of adding industrial values to products
  • Demonstate our pomising future through interdisciplinary research and academic cooperation
  • Offer high quality undergraduate education
  • Offer excellent graduate programs at the MS and Ph.D levels
  • Give the opportunity to learn from the best faculty in the discipline
  • Give the chance to participate in cutting edge research in the hopes of solving some of today’s most pressing problems