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Research Support

At SKKU, collaborative work and new schemes for academia’s cooperative initiatives with industrial sectors is led by the Research and Business Foundation. It serves the SKKU individual researchers as well as research institutions and centers on campus, to actively engage with both national and international industrial partners.


Here are some major objectives of the R&BF:


  • To promote the university's academic-industrial cooperation project according to law on the promotion of industrial education and academic-industrial cooperation.
  • To keep up economic development and support industry-based basic/applied research activities designed for academic-industrial cooperation between university, the government and business.
  • To manage intellectual properties (technology development/technology transfer).
  • To build academic-industrial cooperative relationship through research institutions.
  • To train and nurture those preparing for starting business.
  • To foster laboratory facilities and venture companies.
  • To support business and research institutions established and operated in the university.
  • To establish and operate academic departments according to contracts between the university and the government, local autonomous entities and enterprises.



Organizational Chart

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  • President of Research & Business Foundation
    • Technology Holdings Company
    • Committee of Foundation
    • Cooperative Center for Research Facilities
    • Provost of Research Affairs
      • Provost of Industry-Cooperation Affairs
        • Provost of Creative Affairs
          • Administration
            • Research Promotion Team / Research Support Team / Academic-Industrial Business Team / LINC Team / Audit Team / Academic-Industrial Guneral Affairs Team / Finance Office / Academics Affairs and Procurement Team
          • Affiliated Institutions
            • Center for Student Research and Counseling
            • co-operation Education Program
            • TechnologyLLicensing Office (TLO)
            • Industry-University Collaboration Center for Mid-Small
            • Size Companies
            • Business Incubation Center
            • Entrepreneurship Education Center
            • Field Training Support Center
            • Business Support Center
            • Industry-Academic Cooperation Education Center
            • University Industry Cooperation Center
            • Entrepreneurship Education Base Center
            • Research & Business Foundation Empowerment Center
            • Intellectual Property Commercialization Center
            • Field Training Support Base Center
            • Business Support Base Center