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College of Engineering History
1398 Sungkyunkwan University is founded
1965 The College of Engineering is established
The School of Chemical Engineering is established
1966 The School of Mechanical Engineering and the School of Advanced Materials Sciences and Engineering are established
1969 The Department of Architectural Engineering and the Department of Civil Engineering are established
1978 The Natural Sciences Campus is opened in Suwon
The Department of System Management Engineering and the Department of Landscape
Architecture are established
1991 The Department of Polymer Science and Engineering is established
1996 The Samsung Group joins the University Foundation
1998 Celebrating The 600th Anniversary
2003 The Department of Architecture is established
2005 The Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea [ABEEK] System is introduced
2012 The Washington Accord Monitoring University as the representative of Korea
2015 "Engineering Festival" (50th Anniversary of the College of Engineering)
2016 The Department of "Civil, Architectural Engineering and Landscape Architecture" is established.